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Is Firewood a Part of Your Emergency Preparedness?

We all know that water is the Number One consideration when it comes to survival. Three days without the wet stuff, and you’re pushing up daisies. Besides water, have you ever thought of the availability of wood as a survival must-have? Have you stocked up on firewood for survival?
firewood for survival
Back when we lived in the Phoenix area, I realized one day how desperate that city of 1.6 million would be without any fuel sources during a longterm grid failure. There are virtually no trees in that city that provide the right kind of firewood, and those that do, would take months to dry out and season.
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New Preparedness Projects

Today is a different type of blog instead of giving information I am asking for it.  A friend and I are working on several long-range projects and are looking for people who have information that may be helpful.

The four we are currently researching are.

One, wood gasification or running gasoline motors on wood.

Two, we would like to build a press to form charcoal or fuel briquettes.

Three, there are many olives available in our area; we would like to build an olive press.

Four, running an alternator by wind power.

In you have information that you feel would help us we would appreciate you sharing. …

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Wood Gas Generator for Fueling Internal Combustion Engines


As early as the 1860s gasification was used to power internal combustion engines.  Gasification has been an important and common technology which was widely used to generate Town gas from coal mainly for lighting purposes during the 19th and early 20th century.

During World War II gasoline was rationed and in short supply in both Great Britain and in the United States and large numbers of such generators were constructed or even improvised to convert wood and coal into fuel for vehicles.  Commercial generators were in production before and after the war for use in special circumstances or in distressed economies. …

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