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your feet

I have been watching the escape attempt by the two prisoners from New York with some interest.  According to the news before the one got shot they had split up. One of the suspected reasons for them having separated was that the older one was unable to keep up.  Because bloody socks were found in the cabin they hid out in, there was some speculation that blisters may have been part of the reason he couldn’t keep up.  This is one reason you need to take care of your feet.

Now all I know is what I have read on the news, but I know that blisters can be a big problem.  On more than one occasion, I have had blisters caused by ill-fitting shoes.  Over the years, I have learned that it pays to take good care of your feet.

The first thing is to get good fitting shoes.  Now I believe it pays to go to a shoe store where someone who is competent can fit you.  I know in my case it makes all the difference in the world, plus it has saved me money.  A good shoe man showed me that I needed a wider shoe than I had been wearing and that I needed shoes that would withstand the unusual wear I caused by pronation.   This is rotating your foot so that the weight is borne mainly on the side of the foot.  I like to wear athletic shoes and now that I wear the correct ones they cost a bit more, but last 4 times as long.

Another thing that I have noticed is the change in the calluses on my feet.  I hike a lot and I use to develop fairly heavy calluses in some areas. Since I have been wearing better shoes with merino wool socks, my calluses have largely disappeared.  Remember that calluses are caused because there is an uneven pressure in that area. I now have far fewer calluses and my feet feel better.

Here are links to a couple of prior posts that may be of help to you,  Take Care of Your Feet and  Merino Wool Makes for Great Socks.  These are the socks I have been wearing and I love them.  Take care of your feet and they will take care of you.


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  1. Blisters are caused by heat and friction. If you take a long walk and your heels rub up and down inside your shoes, you will probably get a blister. Proper fit keeps your foot in the same place inside the shoe and that prevents the friction and the heat and blisters.

    Blisters hurt and may prevent you from walking. Break in your shoes before any long walk. Weight aggravates the problem – your personal weight and weight you are carrying.

    You can treat a blister with slippery stockings, paint-on fake skin, moleskin, and some stuff like a low friction solid deodorant. the best solution is good fit and broken in shoes.

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