The Dangers of the Russian-Ukraine Situation


The electric power has been out all morning and I am behind on everything I need to do today, so I am posting an article written by Ed a friend of mine.  This is his take on the situation in the Ukraine and i agree with it.  Tomorrow we should be back to normal.


Pardon the Soapbox. I do this only rarely, so indulge a Curmudgeon his rant moment.

The Russia-Ukraine situation is more dangerous in the long run for the US than the other internet doomsayer possible calamities heard every day. Our President lives in a cloud of his own words and  foolishly believes that his rhetoric actually represents reality. Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, spent his formative years on the tip of the spear in the Cold War, as an officer of the KGB. Not a politician, he is a ruthless authoritarian who lives comfortably in the world of power in which he works every day for Mother Russia, just like every successful and competent super power leader has always done.

We in the US like to think that “God is on our side” and that we were on the “right” side of good against evil whenever we took military action. That arrogance has made us a lot of enemies, even among some supposed allies. Whether we were right or wrong at the time does not matter in the end. Europe benefited when the US got involved, spread its influence to gain power and keep the Bolshevik bullies in check behind their Iron Curtain. We (narrowly)  avoided global nuclear war, brought down the old Soviet Union and the Berlin wall and spending of US blood and treasure enabled the Eurozone to develop itself industrial and economically, rather than militarily, thus creating the modern European welfare capitalist states as a beneficiary of the American Peace Dividend.

The current “bullies on the block” (China and Russia) have since the wall came down rebuilt their skill set. They are the “mixed martial arts fighters in the ring” when it comes to their economies,  political houses, and their militaries, which are rapidly being modernized with updated training, equipment, and tactical concepts which they all learned from the US.   America is like the retired boxing champion content to sit in the crowd, wearing his fancy clothes, smoking big cigars and watching the goings on. While Modern Russia stands in the ring pointing at us taunting us saying “I’m the number one!  You are simply a loud mouthed, has-been jackass, if you don’t like how I fight, then step up here in the ring, I’ll cram your big cigar up your arrogant Yankee ass, you fat, out of shape prick!.”

During the Cold War the Soviets were genuinely scared of us, but we didn’t know it at the time. We built our military to be better, bigger, faster and stronger, the best in the world.  Now we have a naive, gutless President, the Paper Tiger Pontificator.  Putin’s Russians now think they are stronger than us. Whether they are or not is beside the fact,  because they are the bully on the block now. All we have is an incompetent  egotist, community activist in the White House who is clearly neither a fighter nor the most powerful man in the world. Obama is a puppet of the monied leftist establishment, who has never held a real job or served in the military.  He lacks a warrior’s heart. Conflict is not in his blood. In two terms of office he has emasculated the US, until we are another gutless Euro player.

Down-sizing the US military to pay for growing a dependent welfare class will surely bankrupt our country and place the security of both Europe and America at risk in the world scheme. Those who love freedom must be vigilant, because Obama’s leftist agenda will continue to play out in years to come unless Americans elect leaders having the balls to undo the worst of the damage.  A weaker America makes the world more dangerous for everyone. This is because the countries who have sat safely under the US military umbrella since WW2 will now have to weather out the storms on their own, without benefit of American boots on the ground backing, or support ships and global heavy airlift or tactical air superiority.  Bullies can be belligerent, without fear of Uncle Sam and a neutered NATO.

The next time there is an earthquake or tsunami somewhere, the victims can now only cry out “help!” in Russian or Chinese and hope that somebody comes.

Socialism puts every country in a position of weakness, even if the day to day lives of its citizens seem care free while they suck blindly on the government teat.

Beware of your bath water fellow frogs. Jump out of the pan and run for your lives, because for you are about to be scalded and stewed to be the meat in the Socialist soup.


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12 Responses to The Dangers of the Russian-Ukraine Situation

  1. Security Guy says:

    I have been thinking about the situation and I see 3 possible outcomes:
    1) The US and international community cave in and the Ukraine becomes part of Russia again. Russia has threatened Europe with shutting off their gas supplies. They control 60-80% of the natural gas going into Europe and this is a very cold winter. Russia did a press release saying that if an economic embargo was put in place against them they would halt all loan payments to US banks and sell off their treasuries. Russia wins.
    2) Kerry goes to Russia and negotiations fail. US sends token units to Ukraine and tensions ramp up. Hillary Clinton goes to meet Putin (like Madeline Albright did with Kim Jong Il) and a “deal” is reached averting a major war. Russia pulls back and takes control of eastern Ukraine and Crimea permanently. Hillary is declared the great peace maker in the world press and it catapults her to a presidential run in 2016. Russia wins.
    3) Obama shows a back bone against some one who can fight back. Acts tough and Putin calls the bluff and a major war occurs. Button is ultimately pushed. The world loses.

    I do not see how the Ukraine will come out of this as an independent country. And in the long run the USA will be seen as a big mouthed weakling and our alliances will collapse one by one. The revolution in Ukraine was fomented by the west, well by banks and multinational businesses anyways to get them to join the EU. It either back fired or this was the result that was wanted, a new international us vs. them situation like the cold war. I see no way where the USA will come out of this looking believably strong.

  2. Anonymous Citizen says:

    While I agree with everything above, especially that, at this point, there is little hope of the U.S. coming out of this in a better position than we entered it.

    The piece that is not really being reported is “why” there is sudden world interest in the Ukraine? The answer is simple: natural gas. It seems there have been several recent discoveries of massive natural gas fields in western Ukraine (and southern Belarus). Naturally, this has sparked the interests of the EU and U.S. It has also frightened Russia who is currently enjoying a monopoly in the region where natural gas is concerned.

    Yup, this is all about greed and fear, two of the most powerful motivators.

  3. paul says:


  4. Kash says:

    Hi Howard,
    thanks for a very interesting article.
    It is interesting for two reasons:
    1. The set of arguments in this text is utterly, totally and absolutely typical to an average not-very-well-educated American who doesn’t know ANYTHING beyond what he is told by media. I’m not going to destroy all of those arguments one by one because first – most of them so laughable that it’s not even funny to even discuss them and second – if you truly believe that all in this text is true – you won’t be able to consider any other truths even if they scream directly in your face. You perfectly know how it works – because in some ways politics or, say, national idea is kind of religion, and any and every really religious person would see “God’s hand” in everything so no reasonable explanation to any event would be accepted. Right? Thought so. So I’m going to use this “article” as a perfect example of a wild and random set of beliefs based on nothing to demonstrate what most average Americans think of the issue. This can help to understand the current foreign and domestic policy of the US. You should be really proud of this fact – being chosen to represent “average America”.
    2. This article you’re totally agree with shows another very interesting phenomenon. The trick is that you, being a “survivalist” (and most likely a “prepper”) think of yourself as a person who is or who is going to be independent from the authorities, state, government etc. I mean your “ideal state of affairs” is when you live on your own totally cut off the oppressing government, police state, nosy agencies, Big Brothers, you name it, and obviously without lies and propaganda from the government media (remember their consistent and relentless falsifications and attacks on prepper movement, Second Amendment etc.). And I believe you think of yourself as a well-informed and independent person who can think for himself and who cannot even theoretically be brainwashed by state propaganda. Right?
    But, my friend, you’ll be really disappointed. Being an author of the whole TWO books on survival and preparedness (OMG, this guy can think, can’t he?) you still eagerly suck from the government propaganda tit and believe me – you won’t be EVER able to take it from your lips. So (pun intended) your prepping and independence thing SUCKS.
    You are bloody dependent on what you are told as a drug addict, because – it’s easier (you don’t have to think yourself and spend time and efforts to gather other information) and it’s safer – because sharing ideas similar to ones from this article is PATRIOTIC. You wouldn’t want to look unpatriotic, would you?
    The bottom-line is: if there’s a spark of an intelligent person in your redneck head (I hope there is) – stop repeating this bullshit. Just spend a couple of minutes and read something EXCEPT national newspapers or main news sites. TRY to find OTHER explanations of what’s going on. Remember – those guys you want to be independent from want you to think the way you do. And currently they are winning.
    That’s the sad irony of this article.
    Sincerely yours,
    Kash from Russia (OMG – Russians SPEAK ENGLISH!? NO Fxxx WAY!!! Oh, I get it – this must be a KGB guy, they study English to destroy America and conquer first the Europe and then the rest of the world).
    Written while riding my nuclear battle bear on Red Square after drinking vodka and playing balalaika.

    P.S. My friend, thanks a lot for not writing that Russia wants to spread communism all over the world as some average Americans still do. Thanks God you at least know ONE real thing about Russia that we defeated and got rid of communism several decades ago. Not that changes much, but at least there’s a chance you can learn at some point some other real things about Russia, and you’ll stop replicating the bad movies trash and start writing something that DOES make sense.

    I seriously doubt that you publish my comment, but if you do – this would mean you’re not finished yet. I’m quite curious.

    • Security Guy says:

      That was the most unintelligent rant I have heard out of anyone’s mouth other than from the sheeple baaing “Obaaama Obaaama”. I wasn’t aware that Russia had trendies and hipsters also. And just like here they believe they are the true intellectual masters of us redneck unwashed masses. Well, guess I should put down the mason jar of shine and tell my wife/sister to go get that internet box with the letters.

      Communism is far from dead. Russia may not be controlled by communist oligarchs anymore, just corrupt mob boss wannabes it looks like. But they still control places like mainland China.

      Russia is the one marching into Ukrainian territory and threatening Ukrainian troops to surrender or else. Hitler used the same excuse of protecting ethnic brethren from the locals while occupying a neighbor.

      The western main stream media is dead, or at least barely holding on and on life support. I haven’t watched a news program on a major network in years. Their ratings are so low I am surprised anyone is even bothering collecting them. It does appear that you are getting your news from government controlled sources. Let me guess you believe that Ukraine attacked first?

      Russia is no more a free nation that we are. How long has Putin controlled the country now? And that is different how from the old communist premiers? Our presidents are bought and paid for by the same people that started the people rioting in Ukraine.

      Seriously kid, put down the soy mocha latte and follow your own advice. Get your info from sources other than government controlled networks. And survivalists and preppers are not all brain dead rednecks, it is one of the few all inclusive movements out there. All races, religions, sexual preferences, and economic classes accepted without preconditions.

      • Kash says:

        My dear friend,
        I won’t reply to your childish rant but rather point out that you yourself don’t know a thing about what’s going on in Ukraine. You compare Putin to Hitler, but you will be surprised to find out is that the current “new Ukraine” government is made of and was brought to life by Western Ukraine Nazis – grandsons of those who committed those atrocities during WWII. Ask Polaks – how many thousand men, women and small kids these Bandera guys killed with such cruelty that even the most heartless SS guys were AMAZED how crazy and totally inhuman those guys were.
        We Russians lost 20 billion lives because of Nazis – and believe me we know how it all started and how to recognize them. I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t know that Crimea (where we MIGHT send our troops to as opposed your chicken cry that we DID send them already) was NEVER historically a Ukrainian territory. Just google the Crimea details and you’ll realize that there are 60% of Russian population (not Russian speaking, but Russian by the nationality). And facing the fact that the new government was going to send their Nazi troops to Crimea to “pacify” Russian population, we had to do something – at least to say firmly that we’ll do everything to support our people. I don’t think you’d do anything else, unless you’re one of those cosmopolitan trendies and hipsters who don’t have any values, history, pride and compassion to their kin. I wish I could send you those videos with thousands western Ukrainians marching along the streets with torches and chanting “Kill the Russians! Kill the Russians!”, videos with Russian speaking people being beaten to death in broad daylight in Ukrainian capital – Kiev, just recently. I wish you could see those gallows for “Ukraine traitors” all over Western parts of Ukraine meant for Russian speaking people. You obviously are very proud of being so unbiased and self-informed – so go on, google those things if you ARE not one from the sheeple but a reasonable person.
        And by the way – I’m a redneck and a prepper myself, so give me a rest and stick your smart talk to your redneck ars. If you’re as tough as you desperately try to sound – I’m ready to give you as much OTHER information as you can carry. But if you’re just another smart-ass and coach survivalist – forget it.

        • Security Guy says:

          Really, no Russian troops in Ukraine huh… how about as YOUR troops crossed into Ukrainian territory a week ago many of those units were identified as being with the 76th Storm Troops Division (also found it called the 76th Air Assault Division) based in Pskov. Face it Russian troops invaded a neighboring country, YOU invaded Ukraine. All in the name of protecting your ethnic brethren from the barbarian locals…where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, Hitler and the sudaten germans in Czechoslovakia in 1938. I am aware that Crimea was not a part of Ukraine till the 1950s. I am also aware of how Russia starved the Ukrainians in the 1930s, resulting in 2.4-7.5 million dead. Russian brutality is what drove the Ukrainians to join the nazis. I’m also aware of the mistreatment of conquered Germany after WW2. I personally had relatives die in RUSSIAN POW camps in the late 1950s, over 10 years after the war was over. We found that out from prisoners released in the 1960s. The relatives that didn’t make it to the western zones have vanished.

          Putin is no angel, he was a KGB agent and admits it. He has controlled Russia now since 1999-2000, that is longer than Hitler ruled Germany. And just like Hitler he is a threat to his neighbors. Putin is using the “revolution” in Ukraine as an excuse to seize territory and resources. He is trying to strengthen the strangle hold Gazprom has over the gas supplies to Europe.

          Being white does not mean a person is a redneck, that is a very racist misconception. Also, being a prepper/survivalist does not mean you are redneck.

          Seriously, 20 BILLION Russian dead… maybe you mean 20 million and it is a typo. Maybe you were taught in school it was 20 billion, who knows.

          • Kash says:

            Dear friend,
            don’t bother to repeat here all the bullshit you’ve been fed with from your childhood. Every single “fact” you operate is a classic, boring to death myth even the main Russia-haters from neocons don’t believe themselves. They only want you to swallow it and vote for them so they can gain more powers to spy on you and seize more and more rights from you and ask for more and more money on military and “security” programs because “Russian Bear is at our door!”. Honestly, it’s so obvious so I don’t know why I’m explaining this to you here. If you are happy to be a sheeple who repeats word-to-word all the government propaganda – you deserve it. You treat yourself as an open-minded, civilized person, but I bet you’ll get eaten alive by your hatred and ignorance. And let me guess – I bet you support gay marriages and all that shit, don’t you?

          • admin says:

            First it is not really any of your business, but I do not support gay marriage. I am also aware of the fact that you are Russian, where do you get your information Pravda? I do not necessarily agree with what our government is doing in regards to the Ukraine, but I think it is something that can go very wrong and affect us all.

          • Security Guy says:

            Reading your responses “Kash” more and more I believe you work for a russian PR firm or are a low level government ministry pion who has been put on the assignment of countering “anti-Russian propaganda”. I agree with Howard that you must get your news from government sources. Your posts reek with all the stereotype stuff straight from movies about the Cold War.

            And no I do not support gay marriage, legalized marijuana, gun control, etc…

  5. paul says:


  6. Seataka says:

    The US has been instigating war for profit for a long time.
    Leaving a trail of misery and death.
    We are viewed as the world’s Nazi’s led by the psychopathic Neo-cons, funded by the 1% who are are stealing everything in anticipation of the inevitable end of US Dollar reserve currency status and the terminal-velocity descent of the United States into a third world country.
    At this time, Russia is more free and more democractic than the US Federal Government corporation. Our Constitution has been shredded by vultures on Wall Street and in DC.
    Putin is perhaps the greatest ally of American Constitutionalists in the world at this time.

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