Taking care of Your Tools

Your life may depend on them.

This morning I am on a bit of a rant.  One thing my father always taught me was to take care of your hand tools.  This morning I was in the yard shoveling some rock and found that a person who had done some work for me had left cement on a shovel.  Not a huge amount but enough to add a bit of weight and make the shovel hang up on the rocks.

Now I know this is not the biggest issue around, but it brings up a good point.  Take care of your tools and they will take care of you.  In today’s world with relatively inexpensive tools available, everywhere a damaged tool is not a major problem.  But in the future, it may be close to irreplaceable.

My father who is 89 has shovels and hand tools that are over 50 years old and he still uses them.  They have been worked hard and are still in good shape.  There are several rules you need to follow to maintain your tools.

  • Keep them out of the weather, wood handles dry out and crack, metal rusts and fiberglass deteriorates.
  • Keep your tools clean, and oiled it needed.
  • Keep your tools sharp.

If you follow these three simple rules, you will go a long way towards making your tools last.  If you are short of good hand tools don’t forget to check your local garage sales.  There are many older tools available and they are normally US made.


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