Alternate Uses for Your Vehicle after an EMP Attack

An EMP event has occurred and you are sitting looking at your useless vehicle, what is it good for?  The first thing that you do is disconnect the battery and see if the computers will reset themselves.  Wait a few minutes, reconnect the battery and try to start the vehicle.  This actually worked occasionally during some government testing.  I assume that this is at least partly dependent on the strength of the attack.

When this doesn’t work what do you do with your vehicle.  First think about the gas and oil, both have other uses.  You probably want to keep it intact in case you can find a way to fix it.  But there are still several good uses you can put it too.

First, it makes a good dehydrator.  Lay window screens or something similar across the top of the seats; spread your produce on the screens, open windows to control the heat and you have a dehydrator.  Second roll the windows up and you have a bit of an oven, lay food on the dash in direct sunlight and it will heat up.  Third, a friend of mine that was raised near a Native American Reservation remembers them using old cars in the spring to start their plants and at other times to sprout grain.  If you don’t mind destroying the car, you can strip the interior and use it for a smoker.

These are just a few of the potential alternate uses for a vehicle.  Give it some thought and you will find a lot more.


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8 Responses to Alternate Uses for Your Vehicle after an EMP Attack

  1. Veteran Who is Preparing says:

    Check the battery with a couple wires, 1 on each terminal and lightly touch them together to see if they spark which tells you it still holds a charge. Using the battery, wire, headlamps, and a basic switch you have a lighting system for your shelter/shed. The battery and a couple wires will also work as a fire starter. There are tons of things you can use the battery for even with most electronics being fried from EMP.

  2. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    When we practiced drills in the Army for nuke strikes we buried our batteries to protect them from the EMP so this might work on a solar flare but a nuke EMP is most likely gonna kill that battery otherwise we wouldnt have wasted all that time.
    I’m not an expert for sure but it seems even with solar flare reports there are different classes (strengths) and they cause different things. I can see checking the battery and unhooking the negative cable for 5minutes to see if the computer reset etc but the stregth of the emp is really gonna determine what is useful or what isnt

  3. millenniumfly says:

    I would imagine you could strip the car and use parts like the seat belts and assorted wiring for lashing. A handy individual may be able to use engine parts for use elsewhere. Tires could be re-purposed into potato beds. I would imagine most of the fluids could be reused too.

  4. GoneWithTheWind says:

    When I lived in Alaska some years ago I flew in to a great salmon fishing spot. There was a small native village (Indian not eskimo) there. There was a three mile long gravel strip that passed for a road and small plane landing strip. An Indian who got his yearly stipend from the federal government (about $20,000) bought a new cadillac. He was able to get it to the site because in the winter after freeze up a bulldozer would carve a winter road across rivers and lakes into the back country. He drove it up and down this three mile gravel road until it quit running. He then pulled out the seats for his house and put a short metal stove pipe in the roof and turned it into a salmon smoker. (Your tax dollars at work.)

  5. Mark says:

    in the morning you can use a towel and wipe the dew off and you have a renewable water source. if there is dirt, dust, or pollen in the water you ring out from the towel, you can filter that out.

  6. Lux says:

    Thanks for the article. This issue of EMP events needs to be made an issue regularly. People need to know how bad it will be if the grid goes down even in a relatively small region. This should be common knowledge but it is not. Families need to prepare accordingly. They need to be able to make informed decisions. How bad will it be?

    By the way, If the battery is still good you just need a regulator and a small solar panel and you will have an ongoing supply of low current, low voltage electricity. Here is how I did it:

  7. KE4SKY says:

    Upon warning, if there is any, disconnect electronics from conductors (AC mains, transmission lines and antennas)

    Store small solid-state electronics having Field Effect Transistors (FET) or other integrated circuits (IC) in a Faraday Cage (an unplugged microwave oven)

    Construct EMP-resistant containers constructed with a continuously sealed metal barrier (foil covered cardboard boxes)

    Most susceptible to EMP damage are automobiles with onboard “computers” which control essential functions.

    Remove car batteries to power communications and shelter lighting only from cars that do not start

    If a car starts reserve it for emergency evacuation, or use it as a “battery charger”

    Salvage lighting, remove dome lights, tail lights, trunk lights, etc. & with at least 36” of wires.

    Position batteries in shelter; attach wires & lights

    As batteries discharge, replace with new batteries or recharge from solar or other source.

  8. Sine says:

    If there is no chance of the vehicle running you can gut the engine and turn the vehicle into a wagon to which you can hitch a team of horses.

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