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Vehicle lights and Avoiding Surveillance

During my years as an arson investigator, I had the chance to do a fair amount of surveillance and sneaking around. Most people were fairly easy to follow and did not pay attention to what went on around them. Now whether you are following someone or are trying to avoid being seen, there is one change we should all consider making to our vehicle lights in case of TEOTWAWKI.  That is retake control of the lights in our vehicle.

For example, dome lights that come on automatically every time you open the door.  You want to be able to enter or leave your car without the entire neighborhood seeing the vehicle lights go on.  The first thing we figured out for any vehicle that was used for surveillance was how to enter or leave the vehicle without the lights coming on.  Many times this made the difference between a successful or a failed surveillance.

Don’t forget the headlights, on today’s cars many of them come on as soon as you start the car, day or night.  You may want to take a look at developing the ability to bypass this system.  In many cars it can be done as simply as removing a fuse.

vehicle lights
Brake lights really stand out at night

The brake lights can be another problem; I have seen surveillances fail because some tapped their brakes.  While it is probably against the law to alter these safety systems, in a TEOTWAWKI situation, knowing how to do it may make the difference between sneaking off quietly or attracting the attention of unwanted people.

I suggest that you don’t  make any changes to your vehicles until it becomes necessary.  Making these types of changes to a car’s safety system may subject you to potential liability in case of an accident.

But take some time to find a mechanic who will show you how to make the changes to your vehicle lights and have any required tools or parts on hand before you need them.  Having the ability to leave an area at night without lights  may let you avoid a confrontation with dangerous individuals.




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  1. a long time ago, when on a stake out, i was signed out to an unmarked vehicle that the county had “modified” just as you described: no dome lite, a switch to turn off brake lites, & a few other “special” pieces of equipment . good info for when the shtf . the vehicle looked like any old “beater”, dirty, dents, etc.

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