The Trauma Pak Pro, a Life Saving Kit for Major Wounds

trauma pak pro

The other day I received a small lightweight  8 ounce first aid kit called the Trauma Pak Pro from Adventure Medical.   This kit is design to handle life-threatening situations such as a bullet wound or other serious bleeding.  The kit appears to have been designed for military and police use in tactical situations and is compatible with Molle systems.

The Trauma Pak Pro is designed to be used for the care of one major injury, since it is small and carries a limited amount of supplies.

The Trauma Pak Pro contains the following items

  • 1 – QuikClot Sport 25g
  • 1 – SWAT-TTM Tourniquet
  • 1 – Gloves, Nitrile (Pair), Hand Wipe & Disposal Bag
  • 1 – Trauma Pad, 5″ x 9″ Duct Tape:
  • 1 – Duct Tape, 2″ x 26″ Medical Instructions:
  • 1 – Trauma Response Instructions

QuikClot, this product stops bleeding if used according to instructions.  This is the newly formulated product and does not cause burning like the old ones.  QuikClot is a bit expensive and a little messy, so don’t go using it for everyday cuts.  Most bleeding can be controlled by direct pressure.

The SWAT-Tourniquet is basically a large rubber band that is designed for ease of application.  It can be applied with one hand.  The advantages of this design allow it to be used to control extremity bleeding higher into the groin and armpit than most other tourniquets.

The duct tape is an excellent product for hold dressing in place in the field.  One of the trauma nurses on the local rescue helicopter tells me that they carry rolls of duct tape.  As well as using it to hold dressing in place, they use it to stabilize injuries.  The duct tape in the Trauma Pak Pro is only 26 inches long which is enough to hold a dressing in place.

The case that the kit comes in is well made and easy to attach to your field gear.  This would be a great kit for hunters, military and law enforcement professionals and rescue teams.

I discussed the kit with a friend who is involved with a local fire department and is part of a rescue unit.  He is very experienced and looked the kit over and only had one suggestion.  He said he would add a second package of QuikClot for through and through wounds.  I tried putting a second package of QuikClot into the case and you can squeeze it in, but it becomes hard to close.  If you decide to do this, I suggest that you consider using a ranger band to keep it from accidentally opening.

The kit lists for $50.00 on the Adventure Medical site, but can found on Amazon for under $40.  You can put your own together for less money, but if you want one ready to go, in a good case that will readily attach to your gear, I can recommend this one.



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