A Few Things to Think About

Just one little mistake by one employee and five million people are without power in Southern California.  Who says our infrastructure is not vulnerable to failures.  Hurricanes, floods, tornados, earthquakes and other disasters are becoming more common.

I wonder how many of those five million people were prepared.  I would like to hear from someone who went through the blackout.  How did your unprepared neighbors do?  I bet flashlight batteries were in demand.

In a few days, we will have the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  I encourage you to be careful on this day.  While I have no knowledge of anything in particular, I do have some understanding of the manner in which terrorists work.  I will be highly surprised if no attacks occur, though either a homegrown group or an overseas terrorist operation.

As I see the economy and the world situation continuing to deteriorate I see no option, but for us to work harder at being prepared.  This should be in both a physical and spiritual sense.

Send in both your questions and your ideas so that by sharing them with others we might help one another.



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