A good medical book for TEOTWAWKI


Regardless of how much food and preps we store it is possible to lose it all in an instance, tornado, flood, fire, or thieves.  The only knowledge we can truly count on is what is in our heads.  Today I am going to recommend a excellent medical book.  But don’t just get a copy and file it away, read it.  Even through you will not remember it all, you may remember enough to save a life.

The book is “Where There is No Doctor, a village health care handbook” by David Werner.  It is written for third world countries (which we seem to be becoming).  It covers an amazing amount of everyday medical problems, from childbirth to death.

There are many medical problems that we have avoided just because of where we live.  Worms, lice, bed bugs, parasites, are some examples that this book includes.  The book contains a good section on common antibiotics and how to administer them.

Because the book is written for the third world, it starts with the basics and is simple to understand.  It assumes that you have little or no training and few instruments. The book is currently discounted on Amazon for $15.29, which I consider a real bargain.

A Doctor friend of mine reviewed the book for me and said that it would be very useful and he would encourage people to purchase it. I recommend you obtain a copy.


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5 Responses to A good medical book for TEOTWAWKI

  1. Bobby says:

    I have been meaning to get this book for awhile now. I will have to add it to my Amazon cart for the next free shipping qualified order.

  2. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Hesperian used to have the pdf for a free download

  3. admin says:

    http://www.hesperian.org/10411911.php will let you down load Where there is No Doctor
    Thanks to Matt

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