Barriers for Added Home Security

This is the first entry from the writing contest.

A short time ago we had a rash of daytime residential burglaries in the rural part of Indiana where I live. The thieves would go to a house, knock on the door and if there was no answer they would kick in the door, take what they could get to quickly and leave. After several of these burglaries I ran into a police officer friend that told me that on one occasion the thieves robbed a house that was in close proximity to another house but did not target the second one and the only reason that the police could think of is that the second house has a livestock gate at the end of the drive and the thieves did not want to risk getting out and opening the gate.

The conversation with the officer got me thinking about the different un-intended security barriers that all of us have around our homes and how we can use them to our advantage in times of unrest or just to deter would be thieves. One of the biggest examples that I have noticed driving around is that most homes have some form of fence around part or the entire yard. I know you’re thinking “Now how is a 4 foot chain link fence going to keep out an unruly mob?” this is where you have to use your head for something besides a hat rack. Go to your local farm or hardware store and get a couple rolls of barbed wire fence and some mechanics wire to keep with the other preparedness supplies that you have on hand. In the event that this country ever sees the sort of civil unrest that is currently going on around the rest of the world you can take the barbed wire and unroll it loosely and fasten it to the top of whatever type of fence that you have to give added security, kind of like what you would see around a prison. If you have a wooden fence it will work as well you just have to use fence staples instead of the mechanics wire for fastening. This setup might not keep people out indefinitely but it will sure help you buy time to protect what is yours in another fashion. If you look at history and the fire bases that we have used in wars around the globe a lot of the time the only barrier between the fire base and the enemy was unrolled barbed wire fence.

Another example that I have seen is retaining walls and/or landscaping walls that will work just as well. Just unroll the wire along the top of these walls and stake to the ground to hold the wire in place. Even if these walls are short and do not surround your home they are very effective in limiting access routes to your home in the event of an emergency. If you live in an area that will allow you to plant cactus in your landscaping you have natures version of barbed wire already in place and may only need real barbed wire to fill in the gaps.

Barbed wire is just one example of a tool that you can use to beef up security and form a barrier for your home in the event of an emergency. There are many other things that can be used to form barriers in the event of an emergency that is unique to everyone’s situation. The guy next door might have 4 junk cars sitting in his back yard that can be pulled around your house to form a barrier etc…  If you look around your home and use a little imagination you will be surprised at the things you will find that are already in place or can be put in place to form an extra security barrier around your home. Stay safe!


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2 Responses to Barriers for Added Home Security

  1. Bellen says:

    Most areas of the country have some kind of barbed plant to use as perimeter plantings. First thing that comes to mind are raspberries. Here in Florida we have
    calamondims – referred to as a sour fruit, it’s about a quarter sized citrus fruit that grows as a slender bush 2-3 feet wide and 6-8 feet tall with 2-3 inch long thorns that really hurt if you make contact. The fruit makes good jam, calamondim-ade and gives a lemony taste to water or tea. I like dual use plantings.

    You can string/spread barbed wire within perimeter plantings. Placed knee to waist high it will entangle people’s legs quite efficiently. We had some on our property and got tangled nicely and literally ran into some on a military base while legally getting a Christmas tree in a remote area – husband got quite cut up so it works well. Neither place did we see the barbed wire as it blended into plantings.

  2. Robert Collins says:

    When I cut brush along the fence line around my house. I place the branches/limbs a couple of feet on the opposite side of the fence in the wooded area all along the fence line. It will decompose naturally but while it is doing so, it creates a nasty mess if someone tried to walk or climb through it. If someone does try to come through it they will have to make a lot of noise and it will be very slow going.

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