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Just wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciate all of our readers. Thank you for all your comments and suggestions. The more comments and suggestions you make, the more information we can give you. My husband loves to do research and try various preps and pass the information on to you. I love to cook. I look up different recipes in all kinds of books and then change it to my liking, or for the cooking materials we are using. With everything I have done, it’s hard to describe some of them. But am working on it, hopefully in the future I can put up more recipes for different methods of cooking.

In the mean time, if you are signed up with Google, we hope you will use the  button at the upper left of our articles so that we know you enjoy reading our writing and want to hear more.  That’s the +1button.

Keep in mind right now is a good time to can or dry all of the fruits of your labors. If you don’t have a garden, look around when you’re driving around, there are fruit and vegetable stands everywhere.  I just picked up some zucchini and yellow squash to dry. I have never done it, but my first batch goes in tomorrow. I guess with all the fruit and vegetables I am drying you figured out I am light on them for storage. Everything so far has come out good. I even found a food saver this weekend at a garage sale $10.00.

Preparedness Mom

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  1. KSW says:

    And many thanks to the two of you for taking the time to research and publish. Many of us lurk in the background but soak up much of your knowledge; it is greatly appreciated.

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