Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy Theories are Mostly a Waste of Time

Now I know a few people will get mad at me over this post.  But I think most of the conspiracy theories I read about on the web are a waste of time.  You will notice that in this blog, I stay away from them.  Do I believe the government is corrupt, yes I do.  I also believe that they are working hard to take our rights away and one effective tool that they have is to make us look like idiots.

I still remember back in the 1960’s when the Chinese were supposed to be massing across the border in Mexico.  This rumor went around for several years.  It seems like everytime a member of a foreign military is seen in the US someone writes about how we are being invaded.  Fema camps are another one, I see articles on all the time.  There are supposed to be three near me.  Being the curious type, I have visited all three and have not seen any evidence of one, although admittedly the land is controlled by the Federal Government, but still accessible.

Now I am not saying that everyone is wrong or that all conspiracy theories are wrong.  However, when you spread outlandish theories it helps the people who are attempting to take our rights away.  People spread conspiracy theories for one of several reasons, to make money, attract attention, something to talk about or make them selfs seem important, or maybe they do know the truth.

Now I am not telling you to hide your head in the sand and ignore everything, but take a look at your news sources.  If they are consistently alarmist and nothing ever seems to happen, start to question them.  I know that if I were on the other side I would want this type of rumors to spread.  Every time a rumor is spread that is wild and easy to discredit it hurts us.

Before you post an article or foreword it to others, take the time to check it out. Remember there are a lot of trolls out there.  Intelligence is important, but you have to be able to trust your sources. Everytime any of us spread wrong conspiracy theories we only hurt our cause of preserving our way of life and returning to constitutional government.


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  1. When a news story tries to represent opinion as fact or repeats heresay which is not attributed to an original source, which can readily be authenticated, it should be deemed bogus on its face. When checking out internet rumors, never rely upon a single resource to validate. Comparing three is better. I use these:

    When news items are attributed to a foreign source, check out the original article. Much of what appears in foreign press is intentional disinformation and propaganda. When checking out a foreign news story, research the original source to learn what their agenda is. Many foreign of the better news feeds are readily accessible in English. I find it useful to read about what is happening in our world through different eyes. A cross section of sources I use frequently are:

    Resources I recommend for financial, military, international affairs and intelligence are:

    1. With the exception of RT, (and in that case, with increasing reservations as time goes by), every non-CONUS source you name in List 1 is a private or public sector mouthpiece in a US Empire puppet/vassal state

      The media at the sharp end of US “benevolence” (Press TV Teheran, South Asian and African country newspapers) provide more of the “different eyes” you mention. There is also Max Keiser.

      Your statement that much of the foreign press is disinformation and propaganda is:

      1. unbacked by evidence, though likely true. However, it is also known that CONUS agencies plant stories about foreign countries in the media abroad and then the CONUS media with contacts to those agencies pick up the “laundered” story from abroad and lend it extra authenticity.

      2. just as true if not more so for all CONUS, Wall Street-driven mainstream sources.

  2. It would be more hygenic not to use the term “conspiracy theory” at all. Because it is a concession to 24/7/365 gubmint lovers.

    The term seems to have been introduced into the USA by CIA (see the CIA original document, it is on the Net). It was the time of the Warren Commission, when many were doubting that Oswald had been the lone gunman in Dallas. CIA wanted to smear this type of doubt.

    The same people who shout “conspiracy theory” when their beloved gubmint is disbelieved are the first to shout “conspiracy!” whenever an individual acts in any way against that gubmint.

    After all, the idea is to scare the sheeple into fearing a mysterious anti-gubmint evil force.

    Conspiracy is recognised under US racketeering law.
    Any cops at a crime scene start building a conspiracy theory if they think more than one person was a perp. A conspiracy is just 2 or more persons doing something illegal secretly. It is not “something that only disloyal people who refuse to love their government as it surely deserves” believe in.

    Howard writes that we have to check CTs for alarmism and if nothing happens, to start questioning them. But “check” over what time period? Because the conspiracy in the US govt. to let Pearl Harbor happen is now 72 years old and still not admitted. The Nazi false flag to justify attacking Poland in 1939 was uncovered only at the Nuremberg War Trials because Germany lost (testimony by Alfred Naujocks)

    However, it is true that Obama’s Cass Sunstein (see Net evidence of this) has recommended the type of infiltration Howard is warning us against, Sunstein wants to discredit 9/11 truthers.

    1. Cooler, What I am talking about, is the people that say something alarming is going to happen in a specific time period and when nothing happens they are back in six months with a new date or theory.

  3. Fantastic list ke4sky, I look at many of those as well.
    A great example of this is the “russia signs deal to send troops to US” stories. If you skim many of them they talk about Russian troops planning to head to Georgia. If you take any time to link the story back to it’s origins, it all started when Russian troops were heading to Georgia- THE COUNTRY.

    That said, it’s not smart to ignore things that are going on- often there will be SMALL grains of truth to these stories which are ignored by the main stream.

  4. I agree with Howard …

    FEMA camps, the (infamous) railroad cars to transport so-called “Patriots”, etc. are all the subject of serious DISINFORMATION.
    While I’m relatively sure that some of those things actually do exist, I haven’t seen anything first-hand … or from a trusted source. Sorry, but the media – even the so-called “alternative media” just doesn’t cut it for me.
    FEMA camps — There are supposedly two near me. I checked the sites personally … and found nothing.
    Railroad cars — The supposed railroad cars for “Patriots” – where it’s claimed there are ‘rings for shackles in the floors’ – are actually for a considerably less sinister purpose. (No, I’m not going to bother revealing that purpose … just do your research.)
    Foreign troops — Let’s not go there. The United States trains foreign troops all the time.
    The “trainloads of foreign tanks (or whatever)” — I’ve lived about 100 yards from the ONLY rail line across northern Arkansas and have a very good view of the trains passing by. In all that time I have never seen a single railroad car with any type of military equipment pass by the house.

    Now, HOWEVER, I will note that there are “sensitive areas” the government doesn’t like people going into … and sometimes those areas aren’t marked with fences or signs. I know from personal experience.

  5. As the consumer of news from whatever source, you must also run the information through your own filters to assess validity. There was a breathless article on a popular alt-news site during the blown out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. Video from an ROV showed, from the camera’s perspective, the seafloor dropping away. The site admin sincerely felt that this needed to be “brought into the light for discussion”, as he felt the sea floor dropping away was a sign of structural weakness brought on by the oil well issues. For this person the probability of the sea floor dropping (and somehow not taking the ROV with it) was much more probable than the ROV shifting position relative to the sea floor. The article comments also showed that a large percentage of the site’s readership felt this was a sure sign of the public not being informed about what was “really happening”.

    It was a great example of an event easily explained by someone with knowledge of basic hydraulics, but was outside the experience of the site host (plus many readers) and therefore a valid source of conspiracy.

    Beware of being the person who doesn’t know what they don’t know.

  6. All conspiracy theories are based on some fact. But the facts many times become quickly overcome with BS, either intentionally or because the originator just doesn’t understand what is happening. The one I have seen the most over this year is about DHS getting military equipment. The facts are that they are buying MRAPs and more assault rifles. But people see train loads of military vehicles (usually within 100 miles of a US military base, arsenal, or storage depot), take video of it, and post it talking about how it is going to DHS for immediate use against the American people. I and other vets post that the video is close to a particular facility and that is how large amounts of equipment gets shipped cheapest. Also, that DHS are not getting Abrams, 5-ton cargo trucks, Paladin howitzers, etc… The type of MRAP DHS is purchasing are a variant of the RG-31 from South Africa. The numbers are uncertain, I have seen 300, 3000, 700, and 7500. They also are purchasing 2000 M-4 series rifles. I have posted a few times that I will be concerned about military vehicles on trains when it is a load of all black RG-31s going to a major population center without a base nearby. A load of tan or green vehicles going to NTC in CA does not worry me one bit.

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