Family and Friends, Why We Need Them

familyThe older I get the more I realize that many of us in our attempts to maintain operational secrecy ignore what may turn out to be our most important prep.  Most of us stock, food, water, medical kits and all types of preps for TEOTWAWKI.  But many of us forget what may be the most important of all, friends and family.

The older I get, I am now over 70 the more I find that we need friends and family.  This was something that I never really thought about when I was younger.  Thankfully, my parents did and always encouraged us to work together.

Personally, I am still in fairly good shape, but I have to spend time taking care of my father who is over 90.  He is not on any medication that he couldn’t get by without.  But his legs and memory aren’t what they used to be.

Fortunately, we are a large family and are quite close and help one another.  In any real emergency, we will function together with our friends.  This is a prep that is really valuable and not everyone is lucky enough to have it.

I know people who have young children, for example a family of four or five, consisting of the parents and young children.  If something happens to one or both the parents, you need someone who loves and cares about your children.  We stock extra food; because we know that, we will have to help some of the younger members of our family who are just starting out in life.

Now I am not saying that you have to go and organize a large group now, but look around and figure out whom you can trust.  Stay with family and old friends; avoid that new friend who sounds good, but talks to much.  Avoid people, who talk violence, they may very well be agent provocateurs.

You may decide to not even mention the subject to some of your friends until the situation gets worse.  I have friends who because of skill, training and temperament won’t do a whole lot of prepping, but would be worth their weight in an emergency.

There is both safety and resources in numbers.  Remember how in the past, how people held barn raising, would work together to bring the crops and protected one another.  We have the advantage of a large family.  For you who don’t look to your friends and neighbors.  Most of us don’t have the abilities to survive as a long wolf.




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