Finding Military Surplus in Garage Sales and Junk Shops


Being retired I have time to hit all the local garage sales, junk shops etc.  Just recently, I found three Swiss Army twenty-inch long pickaxes with their leather covers.  These are a very handy little pickaxe, while they are a bit heavy to carry in your pack; they are great for your vehicle.  They are probably made during the 1940s or 50s.

Now I don’t live near any big army bases, but things seem to pop up regularly.  The last three weeks has been exceptionally good.  I found three woodland camo shirts, 4 Alice packs, only two were complete with frames and webbing, four sets of ACU camo, one US load bearing vest, gen 2 and some miscellaneous pouches.  The best news was that the stuff was in good or new condition and cheap, pennies on the dollar.

Some I sell, some I trade and some I keep, but it all helps with the preps.  If you have the time take advantage of these sources.  Check out the thrift store, junk stoves, pawnshops, antique stores and garage sales in your neighborhood.


4 thoughts on “Finding Military Surplus in Garage Sales and Junk Shops”

  1. My husband loves military surplus stores. He thinks it’s the best thing to buy the stuff there. I love watching him get so excited over it.

    Tara |

  2. According to Avast that website is full of malware and an attack site. So Howard you may want to strike that post.

  3. I am so thankful for what you have shared about getting military surplus items in garage sales and junk shops. As far as I know, it’s really hard to buy military stuff, especially that the new ones are quite expensive. Aside from the fact that you will find them inexpensive, items from surplus are of sentimental value.

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