Garage Sales are Great for Finding Preps

Summer is starting and so are garage sales.  Today for a total of $20, I bought a WW2 entrenching tool in good condition, 2 new pistol belts, one canteen with cover, all military issue and one drawknife.  For those of you who don’t know what a drawknife is see the following blog   Every year I find an amazing amount of items that I can either use, give to my kids or trade.

With a bit of patients you can find almost anything. Two weeks ago I bought a Honda 1000 watt generator which normally sells for upwards of $800.00 for $120.00 and it was in like new condition.

When you go to garage sales, remember to bargain, but be nice and just tell the people that this is what you can afford to pay.  Don’t argue with them.  I normally get from a 1/3 to 1/2 knocked off.

What have you foundt?

Good Luck



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3 Responses to Garage Sales are Great for Finding Preps

  1. Eagle Prepper 1 says:

    This past weekend I scored 8 dozen mason jars, 2 dozen of which were the older ‘blue’ jars while another 2 dozen were the ‘perfect mason’ type. (6 doz qts & 2 doz pts) Total price = $15.00. Oh and by the way, they ‘threw in’ an additional 1 doz of the antique wire top blue qt jars with glass lids!

  2. Randy says:

    Yes Garage sales are great for prepping….I also like to hit any local auction when I am able to make it…another secret is the antique mall, sometimes good preps come cheap.

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