Great Buys at Garage Sales

I love garage and yard sales, in the last year I have found an amazing amount of gear at them.  Just this last week I found an apple corer and slicer my wife wanted for 50 cents.  It seems like every time I go I find something.  Items, I have found range from candles to an Aqua Rain water filter.  The Aqua Rain was a great buy at only $10.
All summer I try and hit the garage sales every weekend.  The best time is when they first open. Because of the lack of a good paper in my area, I have a route that I usually follow.  The best buys normally come from the better neighborhoods.  The people there buy better quality products and seem to have lower prices.

In the last couple of months I purchased some nice camp beds, a large amount of first aid supplies from an EMT that was changing jobs, a lot of candles, a brace and bits (hand operated drill), a nice tent and several other things I can’t remember.  The things I always look for are non-electric older hand tools, candles, camping equipment, kerosene lanterns, canning supplies, good boots, and fishing gear and anything else that captures my interest.

One technique, I use to lower the prices is, I like to bundle items.  I will look through the entire garage sale, gathering items that I am interested in. When I get everything together I will make an offer.  Most people are willing to discount their items if you buy several things.

Another trick I use, if we are talking about an expensive item is I never argue about price.  If I want to pay less, I never tell them their product is not worth it.  I just tell them this is all I can afford.  It is amazing how often they will sell to me.

If you are looking for something specific always ask.  People often forget to put things out.  Pay extra attention to estate sales.  They are often where you find the best buys.  Don’t forget to check the books.

Go out and try the garage sales in your area.


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  1. I live in a cold weather area and the first things I look for at yard sales are snow boots, snow pants or snow suits. I find good quality stuff for super cheap, especially in the higher end neighborhoods. I hate it when I have to pay $30.00 for new boots (Target and Walmart prices) when they out grow them so fast. Thats why I get them at yard sales for a buck or two. Then sometimes if they are still in good condition I can resell them, and get my money back after my kids have used them.

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