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An invitation to Submit Guest Posts and Win Preps

This blog is now almost four years old (in February) and I have put up almost 1500 posts on various subjects.  Most of these have been prepared by my wife or myself along with a few guest posts.  I have tried to cover as many subjects as possible, but sometimes this becomes a problem.  My own knowledge is limited and while I can do research on different subjects, that is not a good substitute for real experience.

I know that there are many of you, who have valuable experience in many important areas.  It is my hope that some of you may be willing to share some of this knowledge.

These are some of the areas in which we would like to see guest posts

  • Medical beyond first aid
  • The use of quikclot and the treatment of major trauma
  • More on antibiotics
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Ham radios and other forms of communications
  • Outdoor survival skills
  • Woodcraft
  • Cheese making from scratch
  • Real life experience in preserving meats and fish
  • Nuclear warfare survival skills
  • homesteading
  • Pictures that illustrate useful skills
  • And many other areas

Guest PostTo sweeten the pot, my friend FreezeDryGuy has offered to give away a Mountain House Bucket to the best guest post that we publish in January and February 2015.  I will throw in one of my books Emergency Preparedness and More.  My wife and I will be the sole judges.

The rules are pretty simple; we will not publish any guest post that uses foul language, advocates breaking the law, or are mainly of a political or religious nature. My wife and I will determine which articles are published. Our intent is to provide people with information on skills and supplies that will help them survive TEOTWAWKI.  This is a good opportunity to share information and help others while remaining anonymous.  Your names will not be published without your permission.

Guest posts should be sent to Howard at


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  1. pauline gonzalez

    Do you know of any prepper groups or clubs in the Lawton , Duncan , Okla. I would like to work with others to learn more.

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