Local Events – Solar Cook Off

Anytime I hear of a preparedness event I post it on my blog.  I don’t care whether it is local, regional or national.  The information always seems to help someone.  So if you know of events in your area, send me the information and I will post it.


Here is an event that is taking place in Northern California.

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2 Responses to Local Events – Solar Cook Off

  1. Mo Parish says:

    Will you be at the GV Fair? Do you sell ovens. Do you have recommendations? I am very interested have been looking online.

    • admin says:

      I will be at the Grass Valley Solar Cook Off. I do not sell ovens, but depending on where you live I maybe able to recommend someone to you. There will also be a class on how to make your own at 11am. Many different styles and brands will be demonstrated. If you want to talk offline email me at Preparenessadvice@gmail.com

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