More on Using Beans as a Substitute for Oil in Baking

With the holidays aproaching and all the baking, I though I would mention this again.  Over the last year or so, my wife has written about using beans instead of oil in baking.  Well I can testify to you that it has worked great.  The baked goods taste normal, but stay moist longer.  She has used white beans and black beans depending on the color of the baked good she is cooking.  The following is a link to the original article that she wrote on how to do it. Using Beans Instead of Fat in Baking

Since then she has baked all kinds of things using black and white beans with great success.  I claim I can eat more because it makes a high protein low fat cake.  That is until the other day; she went and grabbed the wrong kind of beans.  By mistake, she opened a can of garbanzo beans, since they were open and she never wastes anything she used them.  Big mistake, even I had trouble eating it, and I can eat almost anything.  She now says use only white or black beans and I concur.

All said and done she is a great cook and you can’t go wrong following her recipes.  The use of beans in baking is one way of reducing the amount of oils you have to store.  Try it you will like it.




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