Now is a Good Time to Buy Precious Metals

If you have your food storage and other preps in good order, now would be a good time to pick up some gold or silver as a hedge against inflation.  Currently the Fed is printing $85 billion a month.  There are two reasons the so called inflation rated is down, one the devious way in which the Fed figures inflation.   Many factors that affect us are ignored.  Second, the almost zero interest rates help keep the inflation rate down.

But look out when zero interest rates aren’t enough to keep the economy moving, this will lead to inflation.  If you look at history, inflation always returns it is just a fact of life, at some point you will face it.

Silver and gold has always been a good hedge against inflation.  Since the start of 2013, silver prices have been in a tailspin.  The metal has lost nearly 34% year-to-date, making it this year’s worst performing commodity.  So why buy it?  Just for that reason the price is down, it will go back up.

I am not recommending that you spend your life saving on gold or silver metals today.  But start to pick some up, a bit at a time.  Watch the prices and look for the bargains.  Don’t buy stocks in precious metals; you want the metals in your possession, not stored in someone else’s vault.

Personally, I recommend junk silver (mainly pre 1965 U.S. coins).  It is readily available and is easily recognized.  Since it in small denominations, it is convenient for trade.  Did you ever try to trade that 16 oz bar of silver or your one-ounce gold coin for a loaf of bread?

Since you can’t eat precious metals, I strongly recommend you acquire food and other necessary preps first.  Preparedness covers many areas and a hedge against inflation is only one of them.


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  1. T. Mann says:

    So then what you try and trade coins for bread and food during hard times ? How do you carry around bags of coins ? Isn’t that a bit difficult. You can’t carry that weight in a go bag! You have to bury it! Then dig it up !? Sounds barbaric and inconvenient! I know it beats paper money which will become worthless like the paper from the southern states during that horrific (un)civil war. When we killed our boys and men because of what we believed was right for the North and the South. The South has never recovered from that mess! And what have we got from it ? Obamaville ! I apologize for ranting, but truth is truth! Be prepared, he is destroying our country every day he wakes up and goes in to work !

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