Packaged Meals from the Supermarket

Now I have to admit I rarely go grocery shopping in a supermarket.  But my wife needed some ice and sent me to the store, so while I was there I decided to take a look around.  I found this interesting section called prepared food.  It contained a variety of packaged prepared meals that require no refrigeration and have a fair best use date.

There were quite a few items that could be used for back packing or bug out bags as they were lightweight. There were lots of cheese and potato dishes as well as products like the Homel Compleats.  The Homel Compleats are a main dish, largely containing pastas and meats that can be heated in boiling water or a microwave.  They can also be eaten hot or cold.

I am going to have to purchase a few of the items and try them.  For today, I just took a few photos to post here.  I was surprised no one paid any attention to my flash going off.  Take a look yourself and you may be pleasantly surprised.


2 thoughts on “Packaged Meals from the Supermarket”

  1. I’ve used these meals to make my own versions of MREs. Simply pack with other items similar to the contents of MRE and seal with a Food Saver. This allows me to customize them to my tastes and needs. I always add an expiration date to the outside packaging. These will not have the shelf life of a standard MRE so I rotate them yearly and save the real deals as long as I can.

  2. I have done the same thing for years, in the same vein as your article on the “emergency food can” except foregoing the dry beans and rice, but instead using tinned goods in a variety approximating the US 5 in 1 rations of WW2 or the famous British Army “Compo Rats” of the same period. SPAM, tuna or salmon, tinned beans or peas, tomatoes, raisins, jam, pilot biscuit, tea bags, sugar or honey, and tinned Red Feather butter or Bega cheese make a basic shoping list. Important is to select items you normally eat and would your camp or boat or pantry anyway.

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