Pomegranates are Delicious

Hopefully you like pomegranates and can’t wait to get your hands on some. Well, I bought two and they were small and colorless when I deseeded them. My husband found a fruit stand on one of his day trips and got me a bag. It had 6 of them in the bag and now I wish I had asked him to get more. They were large and juicy with very red seeds.

You can use these for so many things, you can juice them to drink or make smoothies, jello and jelly. Also for salads, cookies or cake or just to eat plain like you would any fruit. They are also good for home remedies and the pomegranate oil is also good (will write more on this later). You may want to look on the internet and see exactly what they have to offer.

This video will show you how to deseed them without getting the juice all over and staining your clothes or sink. I hope that this will help you to eat more pomegranates and enjoy the rich value of the fruit.

Preparedness Mom

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