Preparedness Fair

When ever I am notified of an event involving Preparedness, I will post it’s time and location for the convenience of anyone who lives near it .  Here is a release of one such event.


On March 10, 2012, the Auburn 1st Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Auburn Stake will have a Preparedness Fair. It will be held from 1 pm to 5 pm at 287 Poet Smith Drive, Auburn, California (near Skyridge School). The public is invited to attend. Members of the Church have been counseled for many years to be prepared for adversity. By developing self-reliance, we can be better prepared for a personal crisis such as unemployment or for widespread emergencies.

The fair will focus on growing, producing, and preserving your own food. Master gardeners will be there with displays and to answer your questions and provide information on such topics as raised bed gardening, soil preparation and composting, planting regions and temperatures, organic pest control, and seed harvesting. Back-yard bee-keeping will be included and a specialist will be available who runs one of the largest bee-keeping operations in the United States. Food preservation information and demonstrations will include canning (wet and dry pack), dehydrating, smoking, pickling and brining.

Equally important is the manner of storing and preparing your food supply. This will include information on the types and quantities of food you need to store. Several kinds of grain mills will be on display and various methods of cooking without electricity will be demonstrated, including solar and Dutch oven cooking.

In a serious emergency like an earthquake or fire, you may be on your own for a significant period of time prior to government help arriving. Both the federal government and the American Red Cross recommend that you have a seventy-two hour emergency kit. These kits will be on display and information will be provided to assist you in setting up your own.

Attendees will be shown what to include in a proper first aid kit and how to use it. Displays of practical first aid will be put on by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and experienced medical personnel. A ham radio station will be set up and functioning. Other information will be available covering topics such as sharpening of knives and hand tools, heating, lighting, and water storage and purification.

Everyone is welcome.


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