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Saturday, I attended a small local Preparedness Fair, not too far from where I live.  It was a nicely attended and open to the public.  There was good participation by local law enforcement, fire and the Red Cross.  Information on solar ovens, wonder box ovens, first aid, water purification, and food storage was available at the various booths.  I found some good new bread recipes

Some of the booths


In hindsight, I wish that I had mentioned the fair on this site.  Maybe some of you could have attended.  So from how on I will start posting information on Preparedness Fairs when they are open to the public.  The next event I know of is Aug13 in Nevada City California.  It is a solar cook off; this is the second year they have had it and it should be well attended.  If anyone wants further information you can Email me at

The Fire service

The Red Cross

If any of you know of fairs or other educational opportunities and want them published let me know.


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  1. caryn verell says:

    this is a great idea…wish we had these in northeast mississippi. however, we do have a state extension office of msu that offers all kinds of information on gardening and other things . they also sponsor a “homemakers club” for our county as well as for all other counties in the state. “homemakers clubs” generally meet once or twice a month and is an enjoyable activity for those of us who need a few hours away from the daily grind now and then. many things are demonstrated, and taught that go hand in hand to being prepared for just about anything a person can name. if the extension office administrators cannot help they will find someone who will.

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