Recycled Items Can Make Good Preps

recycled items

We would take a hammer and straighten these

This morning I was working on a small project and couldn’t find the right size finishing nails I needed.  That got me to looking at the supply of nails I have on hand and it was not what I wanted.  I have been using them and not replacing them.  That got me to thinking about how we used recycled items such as nails all the time when I was a kid.

I have got in the habit of throwing out nails when I take something apart or the nails are bent.  When I was a kid, I can remember spending many an hour sorting and straightening old nails.  We saved almost everything, old plumbing fitting, scrap wire, screws and odd pieces of metal.  Today I like most people have gotten in the habit of throwing a lot of this type of stuff away.

Saving these types of materials saved us money and time.  We often adapted the materials we had on hand instead of buying new.  In today’s world people no longer do this, they want a nice clean uncluttered garage.

Now I know better, I was raised by a father who saved everything and still does.  He is almost 93 and has a barn full of odds an ends.  You can build almost anything there without a trip to the store.  He used to go to garage sales and buy all the odd boxes of fittings and nails.  They were then sorted and stored away for future use.

The same thing applies to a lot of things.  Yesterday my wife wrote a post on sewing kits.  One thing she mentioned was that you need extra material on hand.  A bag filled with old jeans and other miscellaneous clothing can let you patch and repair clothing in an emergency.  The same principal applies to many other things.  Start saving recycled items you will need in the future, they may prove to be some of your best and least expensive preps


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  1. Margy says:

    Our good friend John saves just about everything construction-wise. He is always stopping to remove nails, screws, bolts, etc., from discarded items or abandoned places. He also takes jobs in trade for the items he can salvage, especially lumber or roofing. Recently he took apart a small raft that floated up to his cabin several years ago. He tied it where the owner could find it, but never claimed it. He used the boards to deck part of a new floating dock of his own, removed eight long bolts and nuts, and has two 8′ cedar 12x12s in excellent condition drying out for future use. I so admire him. – Margy

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