Remembering 9/11

We can’t believe it’s been 10 years since 9/11 2001.  We realize more and more that our country is changing.  Not only in our beliefs and unemployment, but our home values.  How many of you out there feel that this country (the United States) is loosing it’s credibly?  We see the changes every day and the majority are doing nothing but talk about it.  All they do is complain about what should be done, but expect others to do it.  Do they stand up and say, “we are behind you” no it takes a tragedy to bring the country together.  At one time, we were the leading country in the world and no one dare tread on us.  Now we are losing sight of what our fore fathers fought and died for.

Freedom of religion in our schools, jobs, work, or in public.

Now they are talking about banning the flag in public and schools.

What is happening to our country?  Where is our backbone?  Why are we letting people dictate to us?  We were once a proud nation.  9/11 should have brought this to our attention.  We should honor the victims who died on 9/11 by waking up and restoring our constitution.

Don’t complain if you are not doing something about it.  Fly your flags on this 10th anniversary.  Remember all the man and women who have died trying to protect us from harm.  There are soldiers dying for us, families are losing their loved ones.  Again I say get out there and be counted.  My prayers are with all our loved ones in hopes that we will once again live in a free country governed by the constitution.  Lets get our country back!!!!!!!!

Pray for the Lord’s help

Preparedness Mom


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