Scurvy in Infants

Scurvy in Infants

I have been reading my mother’s old medical manuals from 1940 again.  I have never thought about infants getting scurvy from lack of vitamin C, but apparently, it was a problem prior to WW2.

In a discussion of scurvy, it states the following.scurvy

This is something I have never given any consideration too.  Scurvy is easily preventable, if you eat fresh vegetables and fruits.  Pine needle tea and rose hips are an excellent source of vitamin C.  You may also want to store vitamin C tablets.

Here are links to articles on infantile scurvy


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  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Adults can get it too, read up on pioneers and explorers as well. Rose hips and pine needle tea are 2 easy to find sources of vitamin c. Dont boil the tea just bring it to hot as some say the vitamin c can break down in the extreme heat. I dunno, not that smart but seems plausible. Sumac is also very common in my area and I forge it alot when hunting. You just put the seeds in your mouth and suck the juices down or make a cold tea. Make sure it is the red and not the white sumac though. The white is poisonus in both in the stomach and skin contact.
    I also store the tablet form vitamin c in mylar just like food and I also purchased some canned long term storage vitamins from a company i can not remember right now but will look later for you. They have a good product nitro packed with oxy absorber in sealed treated cans

  2. Matt in Oklahoma says:

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