My Take on the Holiday Season

This time of the year always amazes me, right before thanksgiving; I see this giant rush for the grocery stores.  Nobody seems to plan ahead and have the foods they need on hand.  The day after thanksgiving, huge crowds of people are in the stores fighting over junk they probably don’t need and running up their credit cards.

As we get near to Christmas, we see nothing but ads for electronic toys that are expensive and keep many people so entertained that they have no idea on what is occurring in the world around them.  Electronic entertainment has become today’s version of the Roman Circuses; all we lack is real blood.

Depending on your beliefs, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New years are all holidays that should be celebrated by you and your family. Following religious traditions, a good meal and having family around you are the best ways to enjoy these holidays.  Buying presents for others is a good thing to do, but use good judgment, don’t go into debt.  Buy meaningful gifts, things that last.  I often buy my family members items that will help them survive the future.  Now children need some toys, but get things that last, require imagination and will teach them something.

Take your kids out and do some service for others, this is an experience they will always remember.  My kids are now on their 40’s and still remember things that we did for others and they take their children out an share this experience.  There are always less fortunate people around that we can help.

Make this holiday season a good one for you and your family.  Spend time with family and friends.  Share your beliefs with others.  Avoid the commercialization of Christmas and the temptations to go into debt for things we don’t need.

Have a great holiday season and a Merry Christmas


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