Taking the Reins From Howard

Hi everybody. Noah here.

Howard let you know that I have taken the reins of this popular blog and will be the new owner and manager moving forward. I’m still digging through the incredible amount of articles, and wisdom!, that Howard leaves behind.

Not to worry…your favorite articles will still be here and Howard will occasionally drop in from time to time with something new to share. My plan is to keep the great info available, make it even easier to find what you want, and add new stuff as we go.

I’m not one of those know-it-all survival types and this blog isn’t going to turn into a super-macho, guns a-blazin’ style blogs (although I do love me some guns). With my family, I’ve learned that survival is all about balance and common sense. Sometimes you need a gun, sometimes you need to blend in with the crowd and disappear.

I’m more of a gray man, myself, just naturally.

I have degrees in both psychology and criminal justice. I’m a law and order type of guy but am willing to bend the rules if it keeps my family safe. Fortunately, my wife is a prepper and my kids have grown up knowing how to shoot a rifle, how to grind wheat, how to use a solar cooker, how to set up a campsite — they’re little mini-preppers!

The overall appearance of Preparedness Advice will change in the days to come. I’d like to update its organization and will probably change things like the photo at the top, the colors, etc. just to spice things up a bit.

Thanks for your welcoming comments, so far. Howard has created something of significant help here in the prepper world, and my intent is to continue it for many years to come.


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9 Responses to Taking the Reins From Howard

  1. Outpost75 says:


    Thanks for stepping up to the plate and continuing the mission. Howard’s shoes will take a special someone to fill, but your brief bio sounds like a good fix. Howard was able to bring his law enforcement and fire service experience together to provide a practical and protective family focus without the fear mongering and drama which is too common among prepper sites. Best wishes to you in taking the baton and running with it. You have my full support and encouragement. And to Howards, fair winds, following seas, and please don’t be a stranger. You will be missed and it will warm all of our furry little hearts for you to drop in once in a while.

  2. john says:

    What Outpost said. Thanks for stepping up sir.

  3. joe says:

    Welcome aboard Noah.

  4. Fox says:

    Thank you for keeping this blog going and welcome.
    Many of us here are of advanced age and, as such, are less likely to react to fear-mongering and more prone to assessing the situation and finding practical solutions, particularly those we can accomplish in spite of physical limitations. Just like riding a bicycle, military training comes back when needed, but pedaling uphill is increasingly difficult. We try to find a happy medium. For us, bugging out is a last resort if it’s even an option at all.
    What appealed to me about this blog is the wide range of practical skills put forth in the articles and the helpful additions by readers. I also appreciate the civil tone of everyone here, something missing in many other sites. We are here to gain knowledge, to improve existing skills, and to help each other in that quest, not to show off or criticize others. With your background I’m confident that will not change and that you will enhance an already very good blog.

  5. EM says:

    Thank you and congratulations. Looking forward to the continued operation of this site.

  6. dthomasdigital says:

    Looking forward to all that is to come.

    • Noah says:

      Thanks. We’re off to a good start. Probably won’t have an article every day, as right now I’m working on getting to know what is on the site already. There’s a gold mine here.

  7. B Dale says:

    Thank you!

  8. T in TX says:

    Much appreciation.

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