ten free preps

Ten Free Preps, For When You are Short of Money


This morning I have been giving some thought as to what a new prepper or even an experienced prepper can do to improve their position for free.  We are all short of money at times, but that should not stop us from preparing, just look for things like the following free preps.  There is always something you can do to better your position.

Here is a list of ten free preps.

1 The things you already have. Even if you are a new prepper, you probably have numerous items around your home that you can utilize. For example, camping equipment, blankets, kitchen knives, tools, first aid kits and weapons.  Start an inventory of what you have in stock and keep it current as you accumulate more.

10 free preps
2 liter soda bottles can be obtained for free

2 Store water.  You can use those empty two-liter soda pop bottles and gallon water bottles; you have been recycling to stock up on a drinking water supply.  Count on a gallon a day per person.

3 Learn how to build a fire in more than one way.  This can include primitive methods like using a bow and drill, to using a modern cigarette lighter.  You can practice in both wet and dry weather until you feel confident you can start a fire under adverse conditions. 

10 free preps
Get free fruit

4 Gleaning the fields.  Read the following post Food Wasting by Others can Help You get Free Preps on how to fine free food.  Every summer there is free fruit available for picking in our area, all you have to do is ask.

5 Collecting food grade buckets.  Food grade buckets are often available at you local grocery stores, bakeries or restaurants.  Talk to the owners or their staff and they will often save them for you.  When you go to store dry foods this will save you money, plus they have other uses.

6 Learn edible plants.  Go to your local library and find a book or find a local edible plant expert.  Learn to identify and how to use the edible plants in your area.  For example acorns can provide a lot of food in an emergency.

7 Get in shape. Lose that excess weight you have been complaining about.  Run or walk and build up your wind and stamina.  Maintain your body.

8 Build a solar oven.  Solar ovens can be built with cardboard boxes and other supplies you can scrounge.  Simple instruction on how to build one can be found at Solar Oven Cooking.  In addition do a search under solar ovens on my blog and you will find lots of addition information. 

9 Learn a new skill.  Go to the library or the internet and learn a new skill.  There are may skills you can learn and the information is free.

10 Find free training manuals. There are many free books on the internet you can download and free. For example here are some examples. Free Preparedness Manuals Plus if you look on my site at the right hand side of the page you will see a list called categories, look under books and it will give you information on other sites with free books

If you are short of money you now have some free preps to work on.



1 thought on “Ten Free Preps, For When You are Short of Money”

  1. When eating at a fast food restaurant I always order inside
    after receiving my food I grab salt,pepper and sugar packets.
    Lots of them! Take them home and place them in a ziplock bag
    Place the ziplock in a box when the box is full sort them.
    I have salt,pepper and sugar for free lots of it!!

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