The Perfect location

Today I am going to talk about my idea on what makes the perfect location for preparing.  First, I am going to qualify a couple of things.  The area in which I live does not meet my own requirements.  I live in a semi rural area of Northern California.  The big reason I live here is family.  I have elderly parents, a brother and his family, several children and a whole bunch of grandchildren that live close to me.  Having lived in the area for many years and being heavily involved at church, I have lots of contacts that could be helpful in an emergency.  I am in my late 60’s which gives you some idea of my parents age.

That said I am going to describe my idea of the perfect location.

  • Because of my age I don’t want to live too far from medical care, we all need it eventually.
  • I would want to be on the edge of a small town, one just large enough to have a hospital.  Maybe 3-5000 people.
  • I would want to be at least a hundred miles from a large metropolitan area.  I know a lot of people think this is still to close.  But with traffic jams, accidents and fuel problems I don’t think many people would make it this far.
  • The town would not be on any major transportation routes.  No major roads, railroads or airports.  Most people will stick to the major roads.
  • The town would not be located near any military bases.
  • No industrial plants, mines or other strategic businesses.
  • No major government centers.
  • Good availability of surface water.
  • An area that exports food.  Produces more than it uses.
  • I would want to be in a political conservative area with good firearm laws.
  • As long as there was good water and a decent growing season, I wouldn’t worry about the weather.

Before I moved there, I would spend a fair amount of time learning about the community.  In addition to the research you can do through the internet and Chamber of Commerce, you need to spent time there.  This means getting to know people other than realtors.  Maybe subscribe to the local paper.  Go on some of the Blogs and ask if anyone lives near there, you may get lucky.  This said I still think the most important asset can be family and friends that you can trust.


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7 Responses to The Perfect location

  1. caryn verell says:

    wow howard, your list is alot like mine and that makes me smile…i am staying put right where i am as it meets with what is on the list. we have a state hwy that goes north and south near us, but it is in pretty bad shape at the moment. they have been planning to four lane it from state line to state line for the last twenty years and have just begun the work in northern communities from us. so far it looks like we are gonna be looking at a major “bypass” if they get this far before tshtf but even if they dont it is still in such bad shape that few use it for getting somewhere in a hurry. everything else on the list checks out great. now if i can just find some decent water barells of some sort, i would be happy as a clam.

  2. admin says:

    We have been getting water barrels from a plant near us that sells olive oil. They are food grade and in good shape for $15 each. Check any food producers in your area, you may get lucky. Also check Craigs List.

    • caryn verell says:

      thanks for the tip howard,…no food producers nearby just alot of empty furniture factories… i am fixing to check out the state extension office..they might know some farmers that have spare empty fertilizer barrels they are willing to part with. may check with the car wash guy too if i can get him to answer the phone. and of course, yes, there are alot of folks out there that listen to a woman making this type of inquiry and they give you that “look” that says i am completely out of my mind..

      • admin says:

        Be sure that they have only had food in them. I would be scared of soap or fertilizers if you intend to use them for water.

  3. Art says:

    Very well written with good suggestions for relocating. I would not recommend the Ouachita Mountains area in Arkansas. We thought we checked the area out well but did not do a thorough enough job. About 45% of the population gets a government check each month, there is a major drug problem with the local sheriff department openly protecting the drug dealers, as a general rule the people have no desire to bring in new business so there kids can have jobs or a future to stay here. There is only one major employer and the starting pay is minimum wage. There are some really good, like minded people here but they are very few and located far from each so the likely hood of helping each other in a crisis time is very slim. There are two local attitudes toward preparedness, I will hunt deer to feed my family or I will take what I need from those that have it. I owned a business here for several years and people are moving all around the states trying to find the right place, check the area out really well before you make a costly mistake like we did.

  4. admin says:

    I understand the problems that you have encountered. My wife was raised in a similar area. Luckily she was able to move away. In this economy it’s harder to do. Maybe there is a way that you can gather the people that are interested and have a meeting place in case of an emergency so that like people would be together for safety. Thank you for your advise to us and others.

  5. TMM says:

    If you figure that perfect spot, you better keep it quiet or your town of 3-5000 could become MUCH larger. 🙂

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