Watch the End of Summer Sales

Well the end of summer is rapidly approaching. You can you tell by all the sales being advertised? I have been getting emails and advertisements in the mail and even phone messages to replace my roof before it’s too late.

There are two times a year that I pay attention to these advertisements the spring and the fall, of course not for my roof, but for all the summer and winter stuff on sale. From the latest fashion (they will be out of date next year of course) to the best camping equipment you can buy. And of course if your house needs a roof or you’re remodeling get to it. Lol We did our share today and spread 6 yards of rock. So am done with the house.

Now, on to the clothes and equipment you can find. Scout the sales for anything you have been wanting this summer, but it’s been too expensive to buy. My favorite is the clothing stores. I buy my husbands shirts for less than $5 dollars, originally they are $35.00 and up and anything else he needs. I let him do the sporting goods stores and specialty shops.

You should be able to get gifts for all occasions during these two sales a year. You can really get some bargains. If you’re not too picky about brands, you can get some good items. The same at grocery stores buy the store brand and save money.

Ladies I get a lot of my jars on closeouts, K-mart, WALMART, Hardware stores, even grocery stores. Don’t forget the lids and pectin either. Catalogs also have equipment for canning, drying and juicing. I borrowed a juicer and man I want one. They are right up there with the squeezo. The right equipment saves lots of time. (Unless your husband helps)

Camping equipment, clothes, shoes, sporting goods anything you can think of is on sale somewhere, just look in the Sunday paper, your weekly sales advertisement and internet. They can save you a lot so you can use that extra money for food storage or for items you still need to get that may not be on sale. Good hunting!!!!

PS Thanks to all the people that took my freezer side, I think I have it figured out. Buy two kinds and put the big stuff in the chest. (sorry my husband won’t fit) lol

Preparedness Mom

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