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Writing this blog has been an education all by itself.  We have now posted our seven hundredth article.  It is a challenge to write something new every day.  However, I have gained a lot of knowledge from it.  Since, I have to research and test ideas and products, prior to writing about them.  I have been forced to expand my own education.

Additionally it makes me follow up on things, just yesterday I though now that I have told everyone how to take care of and store their files, I had better check mine.  Right off, I couldn’t find my file card, so today I am going to buy a couple and clean my files.

Every day I try to do something to improve my position.  Yesterday I was out setting up and checking some tents I purchased in a garage sale.  With minor repairs, they will serve to loan out, trade or help others.

I know that some friends and family will show up wanting help, some because they may have lost their preps and some because they are asleep and unaware of what is going on.  It is our intention to help them as much as possible, with in the boundaries of good sense.

We would like to thank everyone who reads and supports this blog, especially these who write comments and ask questions.  We have learned a lot from you.

We look forward to writing another 700 posts, don’t forget to write and share your ideas with us.

Thanks Howard

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