What Information Do You, Our Readers Need?

I have been preparing since I was in my twenties and now that I am in my seventies, I will continue to do it as long as possible.  During my life I have seen many changes, as a child I can remember when we had no TV, a party line phone and an outdoor toilet.  Many of the tools that we used prior to the advent of power tools are now collectors items or considered junk.

I look at the electronics and power tools that are available today and how dependent everyone has become on them.  What will happen when the electricity fails?  I have studied history and at some point, ours systems will fail.  History does repeat itself.  Regardless of the cause of the failure, I worry about the youth of today.  They understand technical issues that escape me, but at the same time are dependent on them.  Now many people store their data in the cloud with little to no backup.  What happens when the cloud disappears?

Now many people will say that I am just negative, that the system is to strong and will not fail.  These same people buy fire, life, car and health insurance.  Prepping is just another form of insurance, one that can mean the difference between life and death.

As many of you know we (my wife and I) have been writing this blog for over 4 years.  During this time period, we have covered many different subjects and have tried to pass along what we have learned.  In addition, this has been good for us; it has forced us to expand our knowledge.  It gives us a chance to pass knowledge along to family and friends.

Six days a week, we get up and say what will, we write on today.  Some days this is more challenging than others.  It seems like there is always something new to add, but we want to make sure that this blog is relevant to you.  What are we missing?  What do you want us to cover?  We like your suggestion and questions; they help us know that we are going in the right direction.  It is important to us that we provide you with the information you need.


6 thoughts on “What Information Do You, Our Readers Need?”

  1. You have recipes and old time cooking which is good. What I don’t see a lot of anywhere, is articles on cooking from pure food storage. For example, it isn’t harvest time yet, or my garden failed or was raided. What I want is how to turn a #10 can of freeze dried hamburger, a #10 can of cheese powder, etc. into a few different somethings that doesn’t give me appetite fatigue. I’ve got rice, different types of beans & pasta in buckets. But your cranberry bread recipe… I expect to be out of vanilla and walnuts, can source some oranges, but cranberries are completely out of the question. I can cook, but I’m not a chef that can put together a new recipe. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not being critical. I’m happy to read anything you post.

  2. This blog has the best mix of practical knowledge on the greatest variety of topics that I have seen. The matter of fact, straight forward sharing of experiences and history, without “drama” and fear mongering which seems to permeate so many of the other survival blogs, is refreshing.

    Occasionally I will send Howard something of interest which I find, and he is conscientious in vetting and validating sources, which we all need to do, because there is so much useless, if not harmful misinformation out there.

    Some of the best ideas come from the comments of readers, and I enjoy the comments every bit as much as the article content. I don’t always agree with the comments, but considering other points of view and opinion are important to ensure that your own ideas are valid.

    If each of us would comment on just one item per month and suggest additional information or sources which could be useful, this blog will run itself.

    Bravo Zulu to you all for your comments and contributions. This is a unique community.

  3. you two are doing just fine, don’t change a thing. i learn a lot from your blog , enjoy it & learn a lot of valuable info thank you very much; this is an important part of my life. to , learn. kudus.

  4. I enjoy your articles, as there is always something to learn, one way or another. I read your recent article on the rocket stove. Seeking additional info, I went to their site. However, I found even more info and in their accessories section, there are salt blocks for cooking – great idea for Christmas presents!! Thank you for taking time to write and post.

  5. Veteran Who Is Preparing

    Things I would like to see (or post ideas):
    – Catching and then drying/salting large catches of fish (saw a video clip on some show of a tribe that uses water current powered scoop baskets to pull fish from the water and drop them down a chute to a holding area)
    – Growing and harvesting wheat by hand
    – Making rice balls the way the VC did in the jungle (only videos I find show to use a kitchen rice cooker)
    -Making a smokehouse and using it

    So basically large scale food preservation ideas. Other than that it’s been good so far, keep it up.

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