When am I Going to Need My Preps

How long do I need to keep storing preps?

Periodically I am asked questions about various aspects of preparedness.  One of the most common is when is it going to happening?  I often receive several variations of this question, mostly from new preppers.  I know it is natural to want a date or some sign to look for.  Everyone including me would like to have one.

Now I have been prepping since the mid 1960’s.  During that time, I have heard many experts predict time and dates.  But so far, they have been wrong.  Now I am not saying that there have not been changes for the worst, because this county has been going downhill steadily.  What I am saying is that due to resistance form the public and the occasional election of some freedom loving politicians the country continues to exist with some degree of freedom.  I feel sorry for today’s children because they do not have the degree of freedom I had as a child.

Natural disasters, pandemics or CME (coronal mass ejection) can all cause major disruptions to our life style.  Personally, I know of no way to reliably predict them far in advance.

For me I don’t worry about dates or when will it happen.  Preparedness is a lifestyle.  You practice it on a daily basis.  Rotate your food, keep your skills current and always learn more.  If you worry too much about dates, you will become discouraged and quit.  Over the years, I have seen people get excited because of a particular event such as Y2K and the end of Mayan calendar (21 December 2012).  Now people who prepare for these dates will become discouraged and quit prepping if their date passes without incident.  I made some great buys after Y2K from dropouts.

Prepping is like life insurance in some ways, someday you are going to use it, but the date is unknown.


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  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    “Preparedness is a lifestyle”
    You said it right there. This aint some grab n go store bought security blanket you just throw over yourself magically as the bad stuff happens believing you will live unchanged and tada you made it. Thats some tv junk that way too many have bought into and a main difference in old school survivalist and new school prepper thought process. Just like that fire extenguisher in the kitchen, i might never need it but if i do i might save the house BUT it will still be scared and damage will be done and it wont be the same. You cant just buy a fire extenguisher and become a fireman anymore than you can buy tacticalcoolio gear, food and not train and think you are prepared.
    exit stage right and off the soap box

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