Why Dry Foods


There are many good reasons for learning to dry your own foods.  It doesn’t matter whether you are using a dehydrator or an outdoor drying rack.  Drying is a great way to preserve foods.  It’s cheap and easy.  Dried food are better nutritionally than canned foods.  It uses no preservatives or other chemicals.  It maintains the flavor of the food well.  Dried foods stores in 1/6 the room of fresh food.

Dried apples

It is an instant food, you can just grab a handful and enjoy.  It requires no cooking.  The number of foods that can be dried are enormous.  Fruit, berries, vegetables, herbs, meat, fish and grains can all be dried.  If you have a dehydrator, you don’t have to waste anything.  My wife saves a lot of food.  When she has small amounts of left over fresh vegetables or fruits, instead of letting them go to waste, she puts then in the dehydrator.

There are several tricks to drying, for juicy foods like fruit leathers you need to put plastic wrap under the leather.  For drying seeds and grains, parchment paper is helpful.  It keeps the product from falling through the drying screens.  You can make uncooked granola, flatbreads and cookies in your dehydrator.

I will post the plans for a simple easy to make drying rack tomorrow.


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  1. Jen says:

    When I have done my fruit leather or roll ups I use the parchment paper. It works much better and the leather pulls off much easier. All you need to do is puree the fruit add pectin for those fruits that turn color (bananas, apples, ext.) then pour on the parchment paper and dry. Then you can cut it to size and roll up and tape closed. Homemade fruit roll ups. The kids love them and are much better for them that the ones loaded with sugar in the stores.

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