When Will We Face A Pandemic?

Today a friend sent me a link to an article entitled You Are Not Nearly Scared Enough About Ebola.   in addition, there was a link to another article that make some strong statements on the potential health problems that can result from the continued spread of the disease.  Ebola cases in west Africa could rise to 20,000 says WHO 

In this second article, Dr Anthony Fauci made the following statement regarding African countries.  “”What we have here is porous borders, poverty and big cities.  It is the perfect storm.”  What struck me about this statement is that it also applies to the US border with Mexico.  Our border with Mexico is effectively an open border.

There have been many news reports of illegal’s entering the US with all sorts of diseases including drug resistant TB, scabies, chicken pox, swine flu, dengue fever, Chagas disease hepatitis and other contagious diseases.  Many of these diseases have been almost eradicated from the US.

At the same time, we have these porous borders we have enemies in the Middle East like ISIS that want to kill us and have no scruples about how they go about it.  With all the attempts being made to weaponize diseases, someone will succeed.

I believe it is only a matter of time before we are faced with some sort of pandemic.  Now it may not be Ebola, it could be something like smallpox or bubonic plague.  In the movies, there is always the hero who flies in and saves the day with a miraculous vaccine at last minute.  In real life, you can’t count on this happening.  You will not be able to count on the government to save you.

You will need to have the supplies and the ability to self-quarantine yourselves.  This means having food and water on hand for several months.  In addition you need basic medical supplies and knowledge of sanitation procedures. Here are links to several previous posts that may help you. Surviving Ebola and Other Infectious Diseases,  Flu Pandemic, When Will One Occur and How to Avoid Getting Sick?,   Disease Prevention

Unfortunately a pandemic may not be quick, the 1918 flu pandemic came in three waves and lasted two years.  Learn as much as you can and be as prepared as you can.  If you get the chance write to the idiots that are responsible for our open borders and tell them to fix the problem


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