Wargaming Responses to the Threats that Preppers Face

wargaming responses

This morning my wife and I have been talking about the most likely threats that we face in our area.  We have made a list of them and are discussing how we would respond.  In other words, we are wargaming responses.  Now what I mean by wargaming is that you plan your response to various situations.  This can be done in a variety of ways, discussion, written plans or practice runs.

Here is the list of potential threats that we face in our area.

  • Earthquake
  • EMP
  • Civil disturbance
  • Chemical spill from railroad or freeway
  • Wild fire
  • Financial collapse
  • Nuclear explosion
  • Radiation dispersal device
  • Drought
  • Pandemic or biological
  • Food shortage

Take something like an earthquake, sit down with your family and discuss the effects and how you would respond to them.  For an earthquake, start with how to take cover, and then evacuate the structure.  Don’t forget to check for injuries.  Next, shut off all your utilities and check for fire.  Next you might evaluate your damage, determine if you can stay in your home.  If your home is damaged or you are concerned about aftershocks, you may want to set up a camp in the yard.  Discuss the best location for a camp, free from the hazards of falling trees, power lines or other debris.

You can see that for something as simple as an earthquake you can have a lot to discuss.  Each one of these threats that we have listed needs to be discussed in the same manner.  You may want to make a manual based on your discussions that your family or group can refer too.  Children in particular need to be taught (age appropriate) how to respond.

We are going to go down our list and will be wargaming responses to each scenario.  You may want to consider doing the same.



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