Choosing Your Water Sources

In an emergency, you may have to consider the use of alternate water sources.  Assuming you have a functional water filter, you want to extend it’s life for as long as possible, regardless of who manufactures your system, use the cleanest water available.  If the water is dirty and contains sediment and plant debris, I would filter as much material out of the water as possible prior to running it through my filter.  This will help extend the life of my filtration system.  This can be done in many different improvised ways, some as simple as straining it thought a cloth.  Homemade sand and rock filters can be used.

If you have access to underground water sources such as wells or springs these will normally be your best choice. When you go to collect water, avoid areas where high levels of salt may be found such as alkali pits or salt water.  Cattle ponds and creeks where water runs off heavily fertilized fields should be avoided if possible.  These may have high concentrations of nitrates.  In the area where I live, you have to be a bit careful around old mines because of mercury contamination.  If you can plan ahead, know as much as possible about your water sources ahead of time.  It is always nice to know what is upstream.


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  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Beyond my 300gl of stored water and well I have mapped out multiple water sources already, everything within 1 mile and built everyone in our group the well bailer buckets you showed. We actually trained on this not too long ago and many found out how bad of shape they are in at their locations.
    are some good sources to help with this as well as bing/goggle maps

    I believe the nitrates will not linger long after they have quit applying them and subsequent rains have fallen and help wash them away or dilute them. Making sure those are properly filtered is very important, a nearby farmer lost a few calves last year to blindness caused by high concentrations. Those rains in the meantime should also be collected. My stored water barrel will be used to hold the filtered water after it is carted in (using my previously posted deer cart) with 5 gallon containers. I have multiple filters and a large container (above ground swimming pool) to hold the water until filtering which also gives the sediments picked up time to sit on the bottom. Prior planning is extremely important.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Matt
    Very good comments

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