Water can be Your Most Important Prep


Here is another entry in the contest, this one is about water.


You have posted several articles about water, which I think is THE most important prep of all preps.  Being a former water operator I know how important it is to have water that is safe to drink.  I’ve seen the shows on TV where people have thousands of rounds of ammo but, maybe, only a few hundred gallons of water at most – for several people!

The average American uses roughly 75 gallons per day.  A family of four will use over 2000 gallons in a week!  Even just using water for drinking, food preparation and basic sanitation (to promote normalcy), they will still use over 100 gallons a week.  They need to find ways to collect and disinfect water or everything else will be a waste.  With no safe water, people will get severely sick and/or die within days.  With not enough water, issues of sanitation, cleanliness and growing food will not happen and desperation and chaos will set in.

We live in an area where lack of water is not an issue yet we still conserver water and have systems set up to collect it.  We use an average of 75 gallons per day for our family of three.  We collect rain water in several tanks and containers totaling 2000+ gallons.  We have two streams and abandoned quarries (filled with water) nearby in case our municipal system fails.    We have backup plans such as sodis and filters to disinfect water.  We also keep a certain amount of chlorine (non-scented) and purification tablets on hand.

Without water, all of your other plans are pointless.  You could have two years of food, guns & ammo, generators, fuel and fail if you don’t have adequate water.  Have redundant plans in regards to water and the rest will be easier.


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