Why You Need At Least a Year’s Food Supply

year's food storage

I have recently been reading some blogs that discuss storing different amounts of food.  The suggestions varied from as short as a month to a several years.  Some people sounded like they thought they were ready because they had two or three hundred pounds of grains for their family.  Me, I believe that you need at least enough food to survive through the next summer’s growing season. This requires at least a year’s supply.

This means that that if TEOTWAWKI were to occur in July, I would want to have enough stored food to survive until the next summer’s crop comes in.  That would be a year and a couple of months.  Even if you already had a crop in the ground, it probably would not be enough, plus many things can go wrong, from drought to raiders. If you are lucky and have a good crop right away and have success with hunting, the extra food is a good safety net.

I am convinced that most people do not store enough food.  They underestimate the number of calories that their body will require, because of stress and hard physical labor.  Children are another concern, I have been told by some people, yes I have a family of five, but the children are small they don’t eat much.  Just remember time passes quickly and children grow larger not smaller.  Malnutrition in children can stunt their growth and cause all types of health problems.

Here is a list of  Ten Basic Foods You Absolutely Need in Your Food Storage and  A List of Foods That I Recommend You Have in Your Storage.  Whether you are bugging in or going to a bug out location, store as much food as you can afford.  Some dried foods and grains can be purchased quite reasonably from the LDS (Mormon) Home Storage Centers.

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Shop wisely and store a lot of food.



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6 thoughts on “Why You Need At Least a Year’s Food Supply”

  1. Take this comment the way it is intended, as constructive, not vindictive, please. The article states, “enough to last through next growing season.” Well, next growing season is a great starting point, but what if next growing season is delayed for thirty six months due to multiple volcanic eruptions, or the big one: Yellowstone. What if we are on the move and cannot stay in one place long enough to garden/grow? What if a portion of our fourteen months of preps are stolen, ruin, or burn in a house fire? There are so many what ifs, and unforeseen circumstances abounding that we must never allow ourselves to even approach the thought that we have enough preps. We should prep as if we will never be able to purchase another item for a hundred years after teotwawki. We should not only prep for ourselves, but for those little ones that will certainly be born after the collapse. They should inherit our preps as our gift to them. We should also live out of those preps while on the left side of shft, continually replacing what we have consumed. We should live very frugally, as if teotwawki has already arrived. Then when it does, the shock will be so much less. Maybe, just maybe, if we can take it far enough before the lights go out that when they do, it’s just another day at the office. God bless, great article, and keep the faith. thanks

    1. I agree with you. The main reason that I mentioned a year is that many people become easily discouraged and give up if you make the mountain sound to high. Store all the food you can afford and have room for.

  2. The point, that both of you have touched on (very respectfully I might add) is that no one knows what is going to happen, and no amount of prep or planning will solve all scenarios. What i love out of both of your comments is that whether you plan for three weeks, three months, or three years, PLAN. Statistics show that the majority of people in this country will be able to sustain life for three days, and the majority of those three days will be spent complaining that their phone won’t work.

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