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What Happens to Your Pets After TEOTWAWKI?


You don’t want you dog to end up looking like this.

This post today is on a subject that is hard for many people to face.  We are a nation that loves our pets mostly, cats and dogs.  Huge amounts of money are spent on them and the vast majority of them are not working animals.  By working I mean cats that hunt for their food, hunting dogs, herd dogs, guard dogs etc.  The rest are merely companions, and I know this is very important to some people.  So what arrangements have you made for your pets?

I suspect that a good many people will just turn them loose, when food is short.  …

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Breeding Rabbits to Supplement Your Food Storage

breeding rabbitsI recently had a conversation about breeding rabbits for food after TEOTWAWKI.  The gentleman I was talking with was somewhat skeptical about breeding rabbits for meat, because he had heard about rabbit starvation.  Now rabbit starvation is a condition that occurs from a lack of fat.  People eating only wild rabbits and no other foods have been known to stave from the lack of fat.  Now these are wild rabbits, not the fat lazy ones you are raising.  Yours have fat inside their bodies and in their organ meat.  Plus you should be eating other foods.

Rabbits are a good source of protein for the prepper.  …

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Food Preparation Skills That Preppers Should Have

The following is a guest post from a friend on food preparation skills that all preppers should have. This post covers information on various methods of raising or hunting meat, cooking and preserving it.

A major, if not the most important part, of being a self-sustaining prepper or homesteader is having the skills and knowledge of how to prepare food. That includes how to raise, catch, and cook and preserve your own food.

Everyone has to eat!

As a prepper, you should be ready to be involved in the process from start to finish — so understanding the different ways to put and keep food on the table is essential.…

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Avoiding diseases When Dressing Game



In a TEOTWAWKI situation, we may find ourselves having to dress wild game anything from rats to deer.  Because we cannot afford to get sick under these conditions we need to be more careful about protecting ourselves from diseases while dressing the game.

There are numerous diseases that you can contact while dressing out the game or from the ticks and fleas that are leaving them.  As soon as the game begins to cool the ticks, fleas and other parasites will leave and look for new homes.  Hopeful it will not be you.

While there are many potential diseases that you can contact from wild game we will mainly concentrate on four.  …

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Raising Guinea Pigs for Food

guinea pig

One of the peruvian varieties

Now first let’s do the legal stuff, California’s anti-pet-eating law has a broad reach that may cover eating guinea pigs. The California law protects “any animal traditionally or commonly kept as a pet or companion,” rather than just Fido and Fluffy. The statute is somewhat untested, though, so no one really knows which animals are included.  I don’t know about other states, so I suggest you check in your area before you get in trouble.

Now I know that you have all seen the guinea pigs that our kids have kept for pets.  But I will bet that most of you don’t know that is some parts of the world they are regularly eaten and are considered delicious.…

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Rabbit Cooking Tips

rabbitBecause rabbit tastes something like chicken, many people think you can cook it the same way.  But there is a big difference, it has very little fat so it can dry out and become tough if it is not cooked right.  In fact it is so lean that living on an exclusive diet of rabbit can lead to rabbit starvation and be fatal.

However, if eaten as part of a normal diet it is quite healthy and should cause you no problems.  The best way to cook them is slow cooked.  This includes roasting, stews or casseroles.  This keeps the meat nice and moist.…

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Chicken Tractors Help You to Feed and Raise Chickens with Less Work

chicken tractors

A very simple chicken tractor

Now a chicken tractor is not a brand of tractors but is a movable chicken cage without a bottom. This allows you to keep your chickens under control while still moving them around your yard. A chicken tractor allows you have all the advantages of free-range chickens while protecting them from predators.

They can also be used with other kinds of poultry.  Most chicken tractors are a lightly built A-frame which one person can drag about the yard.  It can have wheels on one or both ends or it can be on skids.

The term chicken tractor comes from the chickens performing many functions normally performed by a modern farm tractor: things like digging and weeding the soil in preparation for planting trees or crops, fertilizing the ground and keeping down the insect population. …

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Animals for Food Production on One Acre Lots or Less

food productionRecently we have been having many discussions on what would be the best animals for food production on smaller properties.  By that, we mean one acre or less.

The factors that we took in consideration for food production were

  • The length of the animal’s gestation period.
  • Does the animal product multiple births and how long to maturity.
  • Can the animal live off your land?
  • Does it compete for resources with you?
  • What type of workload does it create for you?
  • Can it be butchered easily at home?
  • Do you have the resources to preserve the quantity of meat? Remember you are preserving the meat without refrigeration.
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A Weird Little Book, Entertaining with Insects



A while back, a friend told me about this book and I found a copy on the internet.  The book in Entertaining with Insects and is written by Ronald L Taylor and Barbara J Carter.  At the time the book arrived, I was busy with other things and the book got set aside.

The other day it came to my attention and I have now spent some time looking at it.  The book points out that insects have been consumed by many different cultures for 1000’s of years.  Insects are highly nutritious being very rich in fat and protein.

This book contains a variety of recipes for cooking insects ranging from maggots to mealworms. …

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Preserving Wild Fowl without Refrigeration

Wild Fowl

Here is a picture I took a couple of days ago of some of the geese landing.

The other day I was up at one of the areas in Northern California where a number of wild fowl seen to spent the winter.  In the spring and fall, you always get a large number traveling north or south depending on the season.  But some always seem to stay, so even in the middle of winter there are quite a few birds around.  In the summer, they disappear and head north.

So  when the birds are massed like this there would be excellent hunting opportunities after TEOTWAWKI.…

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