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Butter Substitutes for When You are Using Your Food Storage

If you have to use your food storage for any length of time, you will probably run out of butter.  Butter substitutes can be used in baking and other recipes.  The following is a list of foods that can be used as substitutes in various kinds of cooking.

Butter substitutes

Applesauce is often used to replace oils in recipes.  Applesauce can also be used in place of butter in cake-like recipes or bread.  Replace the amount of butter in your recipe with applesauce.  This will result in denser, moister bread.

Avocado can be used in place of butter.  Use the same amount of avocado, as you would butter. …

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A Field Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking at its Best

Dutch ovenDutch oven cooking is an art.  The pioneers used it extensively and many considered their Dutch oven one of their prized possessions.  Now I have been involved in some Dutch oven cooking with some success and I have several of the Lodge Dutch ovens, but is has not been a real passion.

The other day I encounter a book published by Lodge.  It is the Field Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking.  One of my sons likes to use his Dutch oven and after reading this book, I am starting to see what I have been missing.

This book tells you everything you need to know to start using a Dutch oven. …

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10 Egg Substitutes for Baking and Other Cooking.

egg substitutesYou have run out of fresh and powdered eggs, so what can you use for egg substitutes?  Eggs are used for taste, to add moisture, bind ingredients or even to help with leavening baked goods. There are a number of items that you may have in your storage that can be used as an egg substitute.  Some work better than others do.  When you pick a substitute, take into consideration the purpose that the eggs serve in the recipe.

  • Banana: A half a mashed banana replaces one egg in a recipe for baking. Bananas work well in sweet muffins and yeast-free breads because of the banana taste.  
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Dutch Oven Cornbread Cooked with Fig jam

Dutch Oven CornbreadWe have a large fig tree in our backyard and access to several more.  We love figs and because we get so many of them, we are always looking for new ways to use them.  Figs are an easy crop to grow and are quite nutritious.  Here is a link to a post on Growing and Preserving Figs.  Recently we came across a recipe on cooking Dutch Oven Cornbread with Fig Jam.  It is simple and easy to make

The Ingredients for Dutch oven Cornbread with Fig Jam

3/4 cup butter if you are out of butter try vegetable oil or white beans, see the post Beans can Replace Fat and Oils in Your Baking

  • 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 ½ cups cornmeal
  • ¼-cup sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • ½-teaspoon baking powder
  • 3 large eggs or powdered eggs
  • 1 cup whole milk or powdered milk
  • ¾ fig jam, you could substitute other jams in this recipe.
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The Solo Stove, A Great Choice for Your Bug Out Bag

It is not often, I write a second post about a product, but in this case, I am making an exception.  I love the Solo Stove  it is small compact and very efficient.  For many years, I worked as an arson investigator and I understand the science of combustion.  This is a stove that is well designed and makes very efficient use of the available fuel.

It is very easy to gather up the small sticks and twigs you need to cook with the Solo Stove.  One of its big advantages is that it is not a fuel hog.  You can burn almost anything in it. …

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Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Foods, Tips on Using Them

Many of us have never cooked with freeze dried or dehydrated foods and unless you have been practicing, you will become frustrated the first few times you use it.  Many think that they can just read the directions and everything will be fine, but remember you don’t know how long the emergency will last, so you have to stretch your storage to last as long as possible.  Here are a few suggestions that might help you to organize your storage and plan your menus.

Remember that you only have so many spices and herbs for seasoning your food with.  Even if you think, you have stored enough.  …

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Storing Beans, Everything You Wanted to Know About Them

storing beansOver the years, we have posted a number of articles on cooking and storing beans.  Today’s post is a summary of some of the information we have learned.

Beans come in different varieties and you can normally find one that will suite every taste.  The Different Varieties of Beans  Try different  beans and find the ones that suite you and your family.

Most beans will store for 30 years if stored correctly.  This means keeping them cool and protected from exposure to oxygen by packing them in Mylar bags in plastic buckets, #10 cans or their equivalent. They are sensitive to heat and will become hard if exposed to high heat.…

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Cooking with Your Food Storage

cookingCooking with your food storage for many people will be a new experience.  They purchase and stock many foods that they do not use on a regular basis.  The old adage store what you eat and eat what you store is not followed by many preppers.

Part of the reason is because of the cost of freeze-dried foods.  I have encountered a number of people who have purchased large amounts of freeze-dried or dehydrated foods.  Because these are expensive and have a long shelf live, they are reluctant to open a can or two and experiment with them.

Now for many who are homesteaders and live off what they produce this won’t be a problem. …

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A Free LDS Recipe Book that Will Help You Learn to Cook from Scratch

free LDS Recipe BookOne question that seems to come up regularly is how to cook from scratch with only very basic ingredients.  This is a hard one particularly for younger preppers.  Home making classes aren’t taught in school anymore and too many people rely on frozen or other types of prepared meals.  Over the years, I have posted quite a bit of information on the LDS (Mormon) Dry Pack Centers.  They have very reasonable prices and are open to everybody, but the choices are somewhat limited.  So here is a free LDS recipe book from Mormon Share that addresses this subject.

The book Food Storage Recipes  can be downloaded for free. …

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Cooking with Offal, When food is in Short Supply

When I was child in South Africa, I remember our housekeeper asking if she could cook a meal for her boyfriend in our backyard.  My mother thought this was a good idea and offered to help her get whatever she wanted to cook.  A roast, chicken or whatever.  No, she had what she thought would really impress him with her cooking, a sheep’s head.  She cooked it over an open fire in our back yard. On other occasions, she cooked him fish heads.  She though these heads were the best and most delicious parts.  Nothing that was edible went to waste. …

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