Toasting bread the old-fashioned way.

toasting bread

My grandmother toasting forks

This morning my wife and I were talking about techniques and tools that we remember from the past.  She mentioned toasting bread, which set off a string of memories.  When I was very young, I can remember toasting bread at my grandparent’s house.  They lived in England and only had a coal fireplace for heat.  It got so cold there that my grandmother would sometimes put on a overcoat and scarf to go and wash the dishes.

We used to toast bread in the fireplace on long brass forks. It was simple put a thick slice of bread on the fork and hold over the fire while turning the fork, until the bread was toasted to your likes. I still have the forks that we used.  Now I know that this will not be of earth shaking importance after TEOTWAWKI.  But it may help create a sense of normality and make some good memories for your grandchildren.

This is a short post today, because I am going to watch the parade honoring the veterans on this Veterans Days and one of my grandchildren will be marching in it.  We would like to express our thanks to everyone who served in the military for the sacrifices they made on our behalf.

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  1. ke4sky says:

    I have an antique stove top toaster which is a wire basket designed to hold four slices of bread over the burner of a gas stove. Use tongs to withdraw, flip and replace slices after about 30 secs. Faster than an electric toaster and does a perfect job every time. Mine was made in England pre WW2.

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