Dakin’s Solution for the Treatment of Wounds

Dakin's solution

Dakin’s solution, also called Dakin’s fluid is an antiseptic solution containing sodium hypochlorite and developed to treat infected wounds during the First World War that is still in use.  At that time the stronger germicidal solutions that were available, such as phenol or iodine either damaged living cells or lost their potency in the presence of blood serum.  Dakin’s avoids both problems and its solvent action on dead cells hastens the separation of dead from living tissue.

Dakin’s solution is easy to make and use.

The first thing that you need to understand about Dakin’s solution is that it is unstable and can only be kept for a few days.  The second thing is that it is easy to make from ingredients that every good prepper should have on hand.

Here is a recipe provided by the University of Virginia.

 How to use Dakin’s Solution

Apply Dakin’s Solution onto the injured area by pouring or spraying.  When used on wounds, Dakin’s solution can be poured onto the affected area as an irrigation or cleanser.  It can also be used to wet certain types of wound dressings (e.g., wet to moist dressing).

This solution should only be used once a day for minor wounds and twice a day for heavily draining or contaminated wounds.  Protect the surrounding healthy skin with petroleum jelly to prevent irritation.

Tightly sealed jars of Dakin’s solution may be stored at room temperature up to one month in a dark jar, but once opened; any unused solution should be discarded within 48 hours.

If you are dealing with anything other than a minor injury, all treatments should be done with the advice of trained medical personnel.  I am not a Doctor and have not had any special medical training.  Before using get medical advice.


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