Food Storage Updates on Long-Term Storage

food storage updates.

Here are some food storage updates on some of the various long-term storage items we have encountered lately.

The other day someone gave me three five gallon buckets, two of dehydrated broccoli and one of dehydrated carrots.  They had been packed in April of 2007, which makes then exactly 8 years old.  The people were moving and had to thin a few things out.  The veggies had been packed in food grade buckets with Gamma lids.  They were not sealed in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers.

We opened both and found them to be in good condition.  Because they were not sealed in oxygen proof bags, we will go ahead and start using them right away.  They will be fine in soups and casseroles.  The broccoli tasted normal,and the carrots as well.  They tasted like dehydrated carrots, which have never been one of my favorites.  Carrots regardless of brand never seem to taste quite right after you rehydrate them.

A month or so we were able to help redistribute a large amount of old wheat and beans.  The beans were from the 1970’s and were still in burlap sacks.  These went to feed the pigs.  The wheat was packed in metal can, but without an oxygen absorber.  No effort had been made to remove the oxygen from the cans.

An attempt by a friend of mine to germinate the wheat failed completely.  They would not sprout.  However, my friend made bread from it and it rose and tasted fine.

All of these items even though they were not correctly packed were still edible.  But due to their packaging, they have probably lost a good portion of their nutritional content.  However these food would still have provided calories and maintain some nutritional value.  If you are packaging food for long term storage I strongly suggest using plastic buckets with Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. We will give you additional food storage updates, whenever we encounter very old foods or foods that have not been correctly stored.



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