BYU’s Storage Fuel Comparison Chart

Today I was on the Brigham Young University Website doing some research on the shelf life of various products and I came across the following chart.  It is a storage fuel comparison that shows the shelf life of different fuels, as well as the recommended method of storage.

storage fuel comparison

As you can see the above storage fuel comparison chart shows some of the hazards of storing the various fuels.  Almost any fuel has some level of hazard.  Made sure you store your fuels in the safest manner possible. Here are some links that may help you. Propane Storage for Preppers and Its Advantages  The Safe Storage of Gasoline  Bulk Storage of Gasoline and Diesel.  Even small 9 volt batteries can cause a fire.  I am sure most of you have seen them used to ignite fine steel wool.  Well if they are stored loose in a drawer they have been known to start fires by coming into contact with metal and cause ignition to surrounding flammable materials.

Store fuel, but be careful


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