Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook Free Download

Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook

Medical issues have never been one of my strong points.  But, I have had some training an experience over the years.  What this has done is taught me how little I really know.  As a result I try and accumulate medical manuals whenever I get a chance.  A friend recently sent me a link to a download of the 2001 edition of the Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook.  This manual is over 700 pages in size.





Go to http://www.nh-tems.com/documents/Manuals/SOF_Medical_Handbook.pdf  for your free download.

Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook

This handbook is not going to make you and expert overnight, but it can provide you with helpful information.  I had a Medical Doctor tell me that he would find one of these manuals useful, when he encounters issues outside of his specialty.  Like he said “Doctors can’t remember everything”.

I suggest that you download this handbook and add it to your preps.



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3 Responses to Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook Free Download

  1. ke4sky says:

    My hunting buddy “ER Doc” also recommends this book and recommends loading the Navy Medical “Virtual Naval Hospital” onto a thumb drive you an load into your Kindle, iPad, or Android device. If you Google the above search term, you should have no trouble finding the web link.

  2. Jan Herrero says:

    The link is down, so I looked it up in the internet archive. The PDF is 40MB in size and has that annoying “feature” where you are prevented from doing stuff, like copying text, turned on.
    I ran it through a tool that removes that and it not only stripped it of the restrictions, but also made it 1/4 the size!

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