Free Manuals to Download on Survival and Edible Plants


Everybody likes to get something for free and here’s a huge collection of free manuals for you to download. I have not had a chance to review all of them so I can’t say that everything they suggest is accurate. Many of them are hundreds of pages long, so take your time reviewing them and making note of the books or pages in books that you may want to print out.

Urban Preparation Kit, Part 1, On Body Kit

Traps and Snares

Wilderness Survival Skills

Surviving Terrorism

Wilderness Survival

Survival Water Purification

Preserving Game Meats

Nuclear War Survival Skills

How to Build a Debris Hut

HHS Pandemic Influenza Plan

Combat Survival Evasion

Cold Weather Survival: A Way of Life

Cold Weather Survival

Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping and Trap Making

Alpine Living for SAR

Aids to Survival



Survival In Cold Weather Areas

Survival, Evasion and Recovery

NEWER US Army Survival Manual

Marines Individual Terrorism Survival

USMC Winter Survival Course

Wilderness Evasion: A Guide to Hiding Out and Eluding Pursuit in Remote Areas

USMC Summer Survival Course

Free Manuals on Edible & Medicinal Plants

WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants

WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 2

WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 3

WHO Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants Volume 4

Useful Wild Plants of the United States and Canada

Survival Medicine

Survival: How to Make Herbal Preparations

Edible Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants in Folk Tradition

PDR for Herbal Medicines

Healing Pets With Alternative Medicine

Ethnobotany of the Forest Indians

Edible Wild Plants

Edible and Medicinal Plants

Plant Powers, Poisons, and Herb Craft

A Taste of Heritage: Crow Indian Recipes & Herbal Medicine

Common Edible Mushrooms — Be careful here. It’s recommended that you never eat a wild mushroom without personal instruction with an expert forager/herbalist.

A Complete Handbook of Nature Cure

If you’d like to read another interesting article about eating plants. Click here.

Updated July, 2020


25 thoughts on “Free Manuals to Download on Survival and Edible Plants”

  1. Thank you for making such a great collection of information available. I look forward to perusing each and gleaning what I can. Knowledge always has been and always will be the greatest tool to survival.

  2. It is like a breath of fresh air reading all that you do too help others get prepared when the SHTF. Your efforts are much appreciated and needed in times like these. Well done and good job brother.On a note, could you do something of bicycles and panniers for mountain touring,as you can tell by my adderss, Im acyclests and bike tour also TY Bearman.

  3. Veteran Who Is Preparing

    Thanks, didn’t have most of those in our electronic library/database.

    If you have an electronic database remember to have a a back-up in an EMP proof container along with a back-up computer.

  4. Thank you for your generosity of sharing such helpful information! I am in a process of installing water well (with a hand pump) too. I will keep a hard copy of your information.

    God bless,

  5. Thanks… I have filed them all on our 3 TB hard drive library and will save them accordingly for the future Generations out of the USA in a secure way and manner..


  6. thank you for putting this together. now loaded on the kindle with medical, gardening, building, mechanical and other useful manuals. its amazing how much can be had from public domain. I keep the kindle, a solar charger and a few various types of radios in static bags inside a small faraday container. hope it isn’t needed.

  7. Thanks a lot for all of the info. I agree that the mind is the most needed survival tool and most people do not have what they need. Thanks again

  8. Dear Sir, Thank you for all of your wonderful advice and free, helpful documents. I have added a few links to other documents you may find helpful (though you may NOT want to post all of them).
    US Military Document Archive: 

Che Guevera – On Guerrilla Warfare: 

Guerrillas – A Study: 

The Guerrilla and How to Fight Him: 

The War of the Flea: 

Mao Tse Tung – On Guerrilla Warfare: 

Strategy and Tactics of the Vietcong: 

The Art of War – Sun Tzu 

Machiavelli – Discourses on Livy: 

48 Laws of Power:
IRA Handbook: 

SOE Training Manual:
SOE – Hand to Hand Combat Without Weapons Manual: 

Improvised Munitions:

    Archery and Bowery: 

    SOE WW2 Operations List:
    SOE Training Manual: 

    OSS History: 

OSS Sabotage Training Manual:
    CIA Manual Psychological Warfare:

  9. Information like SURVIVAL should be shared generously but MOST do not! Thank you for being a stand-up decent person! I wish there was something I could return for your generosity!

    1. I understand where you’re coming from. Glad those free downloads are helpful. However, people spend hours researching, writing, and producing information, and shouldn’t be expected to provide it for free just because it’s “survival” related. They have overhead expenses, have families, etc. We don’t expect that of anyone else. Just a little pet peeve of mine.

  10. Truth should be free. Information should be free. It’s sad when everyone is so used to the system they will attack the ones sharing true info to those who have no monetary gifts to give for it. God bless all who speak and give truth. Freely

    1. This is interesting. So you believe if someone has spent hours and money to do research you’re entitled to the results of all that hard work for free? Sounds pretty lazy.

      1. I think Chaser is saying is that for the many who are suffering economically, earning only enough to support their family’s essential needs, they too should be able to get access to important information. Society/democracy cannot work if only those with disposable income have access to knowledge. It’s like church offerings, those who can give their donations, but those who cannot are still welcome.

  11. Thank you so much for all of this amazing information, I appreciate the time it took to bring all of this together to help us. We are definitely in the time where we need to be knowledgeable and self sufficient God bless

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