Why Some Individuals and Groups will fail to survive.

Why Some Individuals and Groups will fail to survive.When confronted with survival situations people have the potential to overcome challenges, beat incredible odds, and come out a survivor.  However, in survival situations, many people fail to survive not from lack of physical ability or resources, but because of lack of will. Survival is taking any situation, accepting it, and trying to improve it, while sustaining your life until you can get out of the situation.  Survival is a state of mind.

Here is a list of 12 things that can contribute to the loss of will to survive.

  1. Failure to plan – you need to survey the situation and make a plan and then follow it.
  2. Panic – Avoid becoming irrational, frantic and disorganized.
  3. Inaction – You do nothing; you fail to take action because of fear, carelessness or laziness.
  4. Loneliness – You are overwhelmed by a feeling of helplessness and loneliness, resulting in panic, fear and inaction.
  5. Low self-esteem – you lack confidence
  6. Lack of teamwork – you fail to work together and let rivalry affect your group.
  7. Lack of training – you don’t know what to do, so you do nothing or you do the wrong thing.
  8. Prolonged exposure or fatigue – you lose your will to survive from lack of food, water, sleep or exposure to weather, heat or cold.
  9. Inability to endure – you lack the physical stamina, due to lack of conditioning or poor health.
  10. Lack of faith – you need to have faith in something beyond yourself.  In my case that is a strong believe in God and the power of prayer.
  11. A poor attitude – your attitude will affect your own ability to survive plus that of others in your group.
  12. Fear – Don’t let your imagination run wild.  Expect fear and learn to recognize it. Don’t be ashamed of any fears you may have.  Control your fears don’t let them control you.  

All of the above can affect you in a negative way, but there are ways to overcome them.  One of the best is training and knowledge.  Having the confidence to know what needs to be done and doing it is a great way to overcome the negatives on the above list.


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  1. I would put Improvise on that list. What do you do when the plan changes? Many can only follow plan and fall apart when it falls apart.

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